5 Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles

The simple things in life are the best! Imagine eating hot egg noodles from Singapore on a rainy day while watching your favourite K-drama series on Netflix. It is a cosy day that can help you relax from a stressful work week. Plus, noodles are delicious and comfort food for many people.

To make your simple dish more mouthwatering, here are some ways to make your simple noodles taste better.

1) Add Some Eggs

If you are eating hot ramen, you can also add some eggs as it improves the texture. Aside from the egg, you can mix it with sauces from Singapore. For sure, instant ramen will turn into restaurant-like cuisine.

2) Eat it With Seaweed Wrapper

Eating your noodles with seaweed wrappers can also improve your culinary experience. You can wrap the noodles with seaweed to give you a new and improved taste. You can also add some XO sauce in Singapore to add some spice.

3) Melt Some Cheese

Another culinary hack you must try is to melt some cheese with your ramen or egg noodles. It has gone viral on social media platforms, and many people have tried this trend. It is like the flavour is melting inside your mouth. And for sure you will not regret trying this trend.

4) Spice Up Your Noodles

Improve your overall noodle experience with spicy sauces in Singapore. You can spice up your experience with these simple ingredients as they can elevate the taste. Perhaps, you can add some XO sauce for a more distinct flavour.

5) Eat Desserts After

You may get tired of the taste after eating so many noodles daily. You can eat desserts like ginger candy in Singapore or cakes for a new flavour in your mouth.

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