Things you can Make with Trail Mix


Not a lot of people know about trail mix; it is nothing but a beautiful and delicious mixture of dried fruits as well as nuts that are eaten as snack food. They were introduced to people not only for munching purposes, but also for health. It is quite a healthy thing. Different types of dried fruits and nuts are mixed together to create the trail mix. A handful of these beasts can charge you for a long period of time.

There are various things you can make with the help of trail mix. But before we tell you about the things you can make with them, we would love to put some light on the benefits of these cuties:

  1. Nuts and dried fruits are awesome sources of healthy fats. They give you the weight you have been looking for with the help of supplements.
  2. Trail mix is a great source of protein and fiber. If you go to gym, a handful of this mix can give you the exact protein you need in your body.
  3. Trail mix is an excellent thing to keep yourself full for a long period of time. 

Now let us see what you can make with the help of these beasts:

  1. Milkshake: Grate on apple. Now add a cup of milk in it with a little bit of sugar. Add one tablespoon of trail mix and grind everything together. This milk shake is an excellent substitute for all the supplements you can ever drink in your life. It taste great and is quite a healthy thing.
  2. Trail mix chocolates: Melt a chocolate bar in the oven. Add trail mix into the melted chocolate and pour them in molds. Now refrigerate the same and consume after four hours.

Before you buy a packet of trail mix, there is one thing that you need to look for – the quality of dried fruits and nuts that you buy has to be extremely well. Otherwise, you do not enjoy any benefit at all. Find out what company the trail mix belongs to. Also, check the expiry date thoroughly. Sometimes, companies mix different dried fruits out of which some are fresh, but some are expired. Eating expired trail mix can cause a lot of health issues to you and thus, you must take care of which company you trust for the same.