8 Best Restaurants In Delhi to Satiate Your Early Morning Hunger Pangs!

Eating a good breakfast is a must if you want to feel lighter and active the whole day. But, the next thing you will wonder is, what can be the best places to visit to start your day with a delicious yet healthy breakfast in Delhi. To pacify your early morning hunger, the following are the best restaurants in South Delhi that are rounded up for the Delhi folks.


Mamagoto is the perfect place to fulfill your early morning cravings. It offers special combo meals, a perfect selection if you go with your partner or the family. It is one of the best Japanese-inspired dine-out places, having a look out for manga designs. It offers the best casual behavioral environment with an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.


Cravity, located in the heart of South Delhi, is well-known for its French bakery products. So what can be more amazing than having yummy snacks in your tummy early in the morning? The restaurant typically uses French ingredients to make sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, burgers, salads, tasty bites, soups, and many more.


This dine-out has a wonderful ambiance to offer. It serves all types of breakfast menus from South India, including dosas, uttapams, Idli, and all the south Indian rice items. The pan-Indian dishes are served hot in this modish and well-decorated dining space. The wall is decorated with colorful artistic pictures with turquoise chairs for sitting.

Elan – The Lodhi:

Elan offers breakfast options having menus from Indian, South-East Asian, and Mediterranean origins. The Masterchef, at this happening place, excels in bringing the best South Eastern flavors to their breakfast. The appetizers, bread, fries, and wedges are mindblowers.

FabCafe by the Lake:

FabCafe by the Lake is a picture-perfect outdoor cafe in South Delhi. Surrounded by woodland, it offers healthy and finger-licking menus. Having breakfast sitting by the side of lush greenery and the park gives you a refreshing view early in the morning. A bunch of momos, a chocolate cake, creamy pastries, and the Dak Bungalow Veggies – FabCafe has many more to offer.

The Pavilion:

You can have a quiet, pool-sided breakfast at the Pavilion, Delhi. The restaurant offers various food preferences for your big-fat family. The most fabulous dining place to satisfy your hunger pangs has multiple menus, including south-Indian and north-Indian classics, sweet adventures, and soul food.

Capital Kitchen:

The capital kitchen has chic interiors and a spacious dining room. It offers the best comfort food in Delhi, including mouth-watering delicacies from Europe, Asia, and India. It has an open eatery taking care of your hunger pangs right from early mornings to late nights. It has a smashing global menu such as keema paratha, masala uttapam, homemade pancakes, poha, poori bhaji, and other luscious menus.


The top picks of Getafix breakfast include whole wheat pancakes topped with blue and blackberries and a bowl of sunshine smoothies. Having the wheat-crusted Apple Pie will make your entire day graceful.

So, stop hunting a lot and walk around the restaurants in Select CITYWALK. It includes the best restaurants in South Delhi, offering healthy and hearty breakfast options. Also, the mall is worth visiting as it is an ideal place for shopping, watching a movie, and gaming other than having a delicious meal.