Explore the Korean’s Love and Obsession for Fried Chicken

The Korean Fried Chicken gives a new meaning to the word KFC. The Koreans are the undisputed master of Fried Chicken in the entire Asian continent. From braised soy chicken to pan-fried, dunked in soup, or deep fried, Koreans can add their own touch in the chicken recipes and makes it more exotic. The same concept was adopted by four friends when two of them became chefs and two of them became a businessman.

The trend started when one of the friends loved chicken so much that he opened a restaurant in Carnegie with the name Gami which means beautiful taste in the Korean language. Inspired by the Korean traditions, the restaurant gave a delicate and unique taste of the culture making it popular very soon. Gradually, the friends contributed in the plan and a new Gami was opened in a new city. Then two other friends joined the family to share their dream. Now, they have 17 stores around the cities of Australia and they are spreading the love of Korean fried chicken to everyone.

Paired with beer, Korean style fried chicken is very different than the American style chicken. This chicken is much more papery and less crumbly and knobby.  It has thin, crackly, and almost transparent crust. The tasty chicken is seasoned with sugar, salt, and spices prior to and after being fried. As the chicken is fried two times, it is also tender and has an intricate taste.  

The fried chicken was huge in Korea and the chefs have brought the taste in Australia making it a popular dish for the Australians too. The good thing about having a Gami in your city is that you get tasty meals all over the city at affordable prices. Gami has a delivery service too which delivers your most loved chicken and beer at your house anytime.

Find the website online, contact the restaurant and book a table for you and your friends. They’ll make the arrangements prior to your arrival and you can eat all the things that you want. With a wide array of the menu, you can find a dish that suits your taste. You can also try out the new dishes without worrying about the mess. If you love locally crafted beer and Korean fried chicken, then this is your chance to own a store which makes the most delicious fried chicken in entire Australia.

The good old fashioned chicken and beer is a combination which no one can deny. And when you can get the chicken and beers delivered at your doorstep then why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Just visit the website from the link- https://gamichicken.com.au/ and contact the team of Gami. You can easily buy a franchise of the store and open one in your city. All you need to do is to be friends with Gami and they will help you to settle a business in your city which benefits all of the partners. Get in contact now.