Integrated Labels for Your Business. Printed and Sent on Demand

The ability to export items anywhere in the globe is strongly reliant on correctly printed labels. ID Images LLC provides integrated labels that are produced and supplied to you on demand. On the company’s website, you may build personalized labels from standard labels and schedule them to be distributed on a regular basis. The labels are readily attached to every shipment your firm distributes.

Why Do Stock Labels Make Shipping So Easy?

When you log in to create an account with I.D. Images LLC, you may view the hundreds of stock labels available. Different fonts, color blocks, and styles are organized to help you choose the best label for your company. It may take some time because there are many stock labels on file. However, once you’ve found the perfect label, you may purchase hundreds or even thousands of them.

They may be self-adhesive, sliced sheets, or integrated cards with pin perforations. Print them using two colors to seven colors, depending on the size of the label you desire. All labels interact with your customer invoicing, allowing them to be used to send to customers and returned by customers.

Request Labels by Case

If you go through labels as if the paper is going extinct tomorrow, consider ordering cases of labels. Ordering cases saves time and money since you don’t have to keep repurchasing them, and cases are less expensive to ship as a single order. Check out the ordering page for I.D. Images LLC to discover how much you may save when you buy in bulk.

Dozens of Other Label Options

If your organization needs additional types of labels, I.D. Images LLC provides a variety of options. Other labeling options include direct thermal labels, digital label printing, laser label sheets, film labels, and inkjet media.

Reduce Waste and Help the Environment

Integrated labels decrease waste. Customers receive a ship-to label, a return label, and an invoice, all on one page. Using integrated labels eliminates the need to produce separate shipping and return labels.

In addition, these labels are printed on paper that is completely recyclable, which means that your customers may recycle the labels or invoices rather than simply throwing them away. The fact that the labels that are generated by I.D. Images LLC will not end up in landfills is something that will be welcomed by customers who are interested in being green.

Get an Online Quote

In the event that you are undecided about whether or not you would want to become a customer of I.D. Images LLC, which is now just searching for labels, you have the option to receive a quotation online. Those who are interested in comparing the prices of I.D. Images and their rivals may take advantage of the label batch quotes that the company provides. In the event that you want to become a client of I.D. Images LLC, you will need to contact back in order to place an order and establish your account.