Some Places to Buy Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef

Japan has a unique culture of gift-giving; from summertime gifts and end-of-year presents to gifts for ceremonial events and to offer greetings or condolences. The process of selecting the appropriate products to express the appropriate things also applies to the product’s creators. Products are so well-known that they have become synonymous with gift-giving. The meticulously produced Ito Wagyu is one of their distinctive brands.

People have looked into online meat delivery services and identified a few that are credible and deliver high-quality meats. However, after reading what Pursuit Farms has to offer, one can only conclude that the meat is of near-perfect quality. Wagyu beef is becoming increasingly popular, and many companies are competing for a piece of the pie. Many of them, however, sell the same factory-produced meat from the same farms.

Japanese Wagyu is the most beautiful cut of beef anyone has ever tasted. It has a melting point of 80-90 degrees, which is lower than the body temperature of 98 degrees. When it comes to cattle and steaks, there are nice steaks, amazing steaks, and then there’s A5 Wagyu beef from Japan. People will not be given much background information about Japanese A5 Wagyu beef, but they should be aware that A5 Wagyu is the pinnacle of beef. It’s rare, difficult to locate, and incredibly expensive, but it’s well worth it if users get the chance to try it. If people are too lazy, here are some places to buy Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef:

  • Pursuit Farms–Pursuit Farms Wagyu have a great assortment of premium Wagyu brands and ship fresh, not frozen.
  • Crowd Cow– One of the first enterprises in the United States to sell A5 Wagyu beef. There are Kagoshima and other brands available. The ship has frozen.
  • Meat N’ Bone– A good collection of difficult-to-find meats. Specifically, Miyazaki brand Wagyu Ships Frozen.

Without going into too much detail, Japanese A5 Wagyu beef is only available in Japan. In its most basic form, wagyu refers to Japanese black cattle. These cows are grown and nurtured with certain genetic characteristics that result in a massive amount of intramuscular fat. This produces stunning marbling as well as a luscious texture and flavor.

Every year, just a small amount is shipped, and only a few merchants in the United States sell it. Some high-end restaurants will sell it, and a few very high-end butchers in major cities will occasionally sell it, but buying Japanese A5 Wagyu online is by far the best option.

The majority of Japanese beef is carried frozen on a ship. Pursuit Farms is delivered fresh by airfreight. Meat that has been frozen for an extended period, such as on a ship, or that has been re-frozen, loses a lot of flavors. Pursuit farms are aware of this and only use airfreight for this purpose.

It is safe to say that Pursuit Farms provides the meat of exceptional quality that is difficult, if not impossible, to get in other stores. The meat is quite expensive; therefore it is not for everyone. However, in my opinion, people would prefer to eat a tiny piece of high-quality meat than a large amount of low-quality meat.