5 cakes you must taste once in a life

The word ‘cake’ is possibly the sweetest word that the English language can offer. This is probably because a cake complements every occasion, making it even happier and yummier. What’s not to love about cake? They are everyone’s favourite dessert. When you slice in one of these cakes, you will ask for seconds and thirds. With moist deciduous cake, creamy cheesecake, luscious chocolate, incredible icing and layer upon layer of frosting, nuts, berries and whatnot. The idea of having a cake makes everyone drool over.

No wonder, we have a wedding cake, a baby shower cake, a birthday cake, an anniversary cake, a Christmas cake, so on and so forth. People of all age groups love this love-filled delicious thing in the world. You may have tried quite a few cakes, and, your favourite of them may have been like chocolate, butterscotch, red velvet etc., but did you know that there are over a hundred different types of cakes that you still haven’t tried?

To help you try new cakes, here’s a list of different types of cakes that you must try once in your life. Read on and drool over each of these amazing cakes!

Oreo Biscuit Cake

Who doesn’t like Oreo Cookies and Cream Stuffing? This is a dream that comes true for all oreo lovers. Adding Oreo to a chocolate cake is the best thing anyone can do. The cake is very tasty. A full package of cookies in frosting and every bite of yours can feel the taste of Oreo.

Oreo Biscuit Cake is extremely delicious and also easy to make at home.

Ice cream cake

Cake with ice cream cannot beat any other cake flavour. It is one of the popular desserts liked by all. It is absolutely delicious to have ice cream between the layers of cake. It is served cold and makes a perfect end to your meal. Imagine a frozen cake and ice cream; Isn’t it mouth-watering. Satisfy your tastebuds by ordering this extremely delicious ice cream cake on any occasion.

Banana cake

The main ingredient of this cake is banana and is usually baked like any other cake. This cake has an option baked in various shapes and designs such as muffin cake, layer cake and cupcakes. The major components of this cake include flour, poultry, sugar, butter, vegetable oil and baking soda. Bananas can be used as purees or mashed, so if you like eating bananas, you can buy this cake from a local store or online by ordering cakes in Hyderabad in any form or size you like.

Kiwi Upside-Down Cake

You might not have heard about Kiwi cake, but it tastes amazing with fresh kiwis and cherries. Spread brown sugar on the tin base along with round slices of the kiwis. Sieve flour and baking powder in a bowl and add small pieces of one kiwi and mix. In another bowl, whisk the sugar and butter until the mixture becomes creamy. Add eggs and vanilla essence and whip again. Fold in the flour mixture. Keep the batter and bake. You will taste the most amazing kiwi cake ever. And, if you are too lazy to bake it at home, then you can always order it online. Just visit any online bakery and place your order for the best kiwi cake.

Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is for those who are madly in love with cheese and not so sweet of sweets. Personalizing the cheesecake with a taste of favourite fruits takes it to another level. The orange-flavoured cheesecake is light and luscious that fits into any happy occasion. Any cheesecakes are easy to make and experiment with, and they will never turn you down. If you call for a simple and elegant dessert to excite the corner of the desert, then you must call for the cheesecake. Knowing the love for cheese, there are hundreds of flavours available that you can taste and surprise yourself with it. They look not only enticing but also tasty.

Most people wait for a dessert table after a meal. Whatever your choice, they deserve a treat on this special occasion. Try these five amazingly delicious cakes, don’t be surprised if you want these again and again or one of these cakes becomes your celebration partner. Either bake at home or visit online and get a delicious cake delivered right at your doorsteps. Happy celebrations! Happy eating! Bon appetit! Stay tuned for more!