Business Economics: Are Packaged Cheese Curds More Expensive Than Making In-House?

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Cheese curds are the little pieces of curdled milk made during the cheddar-making process. This is the reason why cheese curds are also called baby cheddar or young cheddar.

Cheese curds are a versatile cheese product that can be eaten raw or cooked. They have a mild creamy flavour, so they complement a range of other food products.

They first became popular in Wisconsin – a hub for cheese curds – but now cheese curds are eaten worldwide. In many restaurants, cheese curd dishes are served, and people love them, for their taste and nutritional value.

However, there is always a debate going on inside the restaurant, about whether or not pre-bought packaged cheese curds are better than making cheese curds in-house?

If you need cheese curds for your restaurant, which means in bulk, purchasing packaged cheese curds is much more affordable.

Here are a few reasons for this; let’s see what they are:

Too Many Ingredients

Cheese is not just made by boiling the milk and curdling it. Making cheese curds requires many ingredients, including milk, buttermilk, rennet, and calcium chloride.

You may not need a lot of these ingredients. However, you will likely have to purchase these ingredients in bulk which will ultimately lead to wastage.

Also, you can only make 100 grams of cheese curds with 1-litre milk. This means to serve cheese curds in your restaurant – you will need quite a lot of milk.

Time Consuming

As a restaurant owner, your time, and your staff’s time is precious. You wouldn’t want them to be wasting good working hours making something that can easily be purchased. You would rather them spending their time innovating new dishes to increase the customer flow and loyalty.

Not everyone can make cheese curds as well, it requires a huge amount of skill. The process is also very time-consuming. Instead, your team can invest their time in creating masterpieces using the store-bought cheese curds.


Preserving cheese curds is not easy – you cannot make cheese curds in bulk and then throw them in the freezer. If they are not properly stored, the cheese curds will not retain their squeak. And if you plan to make a new batch every day, that will take all of your chef’s time.

One more thing about cheese curds, is that most people find ‘the squeak’ fascinating but the interesting part is that the cheese curds only squeak while fresh. This is one of the reasons why most people do not get to enjoy the authentic taste and texture of cheese curds.

Now that you know, packaged cheese curds are much more affordable – you should know where to buy the fresh cheese curds in Australia, for your restaurant.

Pure Dairy is the name you should remember. They source their cheese curds directly from Wisconsin. Also, their fresh cheese curds squeak as they use the IQF technique for packaging – by using this technique, the freezing time is decreased.

These fresh cheese curds are packed with nutrition that will satisfy your taste buds and improve your health.

To order the squeakiest cheese curds in Australia, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the additional details of the nearest distributors.