Haiti: Quench Your Thirst for Natural Beauty and Lip-smacking Food

A Caribbean country with its share on the Hispaniola Island the Republic of Haiti was originally the abode of indigenous Taino people. The first Europeans arrived with Christopher Columbus’s first voyage who mistook it to be India or China. This country happens to be one of the founding members of the United Nations. With a unique and rich cultural identity the culture of Haiti is a mix of traditional African and French customs with contributions from Taino and Spanish cultures. Its culture is most reflected through its literature, music and paintings. The museums and galleries in France and United States exhibit the works of artists of Haiti.

Food habits

The traditional Haiticuisine has the effects of United States, The Continent of Africa, France and Spain. Though French and Creole cooking style is the base of Haitian cuisine, many foreign countries brought their food ideas as they gained control of the country. The usual diet consists of staples like corn, rice, millet, beans and yams. Seafood and meat is also added to the plates. One can easily find French desserts, cheese and breads at local stores and markets.

Taste the food of Haiti in US

If you feel drawn to the food culture of Haiti, you can actually taste it in America with Pops and Poosh. A restaurant located in New York City offers Caribbean dishes which include Haitian patties. This is actually more like a savory pastry with a wide range of fillings including Vegetables, conch, herring, cod fish, beef and chicken. There is also the classis dish of Haiti, rice and beans with chicken stew. The restaurant run by two brothers has a plan to expand their business to let more people enjoy the tasty dishes of Haiti. You can also get their dishes home delivered by major food delivering apps and enjoy it in the safety of your home.