Cocktails That Go Perfectly With Dinner

Is there anything blissful than a perfect balance of your favourite drink with a great meal? Well, pairing these two is one of the most heavenly combinations ever! People are looking for something more than an excellent menu and a good ambiance. Yes, they are looking to enjoy a dining experience and food and drink pairing will enhance the experience of the customer.

According to a survey, drinking has become an integral part of the restaurant experience. Food and alcohol pairings at the Harrington bar & restaurant allow consumers to make informed decisions when they are pursuing the menu.

Here are a few cocktails that go with dinner:- 

Pairing food and drink is always a daunting task. Most of you may stick to one kind of beverage or sipping wine or beer when you dine at the Harrington’s bar and grill without even considering the flavours in what you are eating. Of course, it is an easy route and nothing wrong with it. Yet, when you understand the origin of the foods you consume can help pair a beverage with your meal. It is not necessarily wine or beer that should be the only drink that can be paired with food. You can even try these mocktails. In fact, intense flavours in bold food go well with cocktails because all flavours are bridged together.

Dry Martini 

Dry Martini may seem to be uninventive. But, it has come through ages and classic for a reason. Elegant, classic, and easy – that is the realm of the Martini. It is a classic cocktail that is timeless. From two-ingredient standbys to modern twists, there is a great martini recipe for every kind of drinker.


Forget that red or white selection at the dinner party in the Harringtons bar and grill. Yes, it is all about the brown now. The rich, brown spirit is complex enough to hold the bold flavours of food. The choice of whiskey is up to yours. You could enjoy your whiskey neat, on the rocks, on in a simple cocktail that won’t overpower the food like an old fashioned.

Signature Margarita 

Bold drinks like margaritas really go well with the punchy, powerfully spiced Mexican dishes. Lime and salt pairs well with the sauces and flavours of chiles and cilantro

Plum cocktail 

Generally, sushi goes well with sake, be it is served neat or in a cocktail. The elements of fermented rice, sake, are balanced by the ginger and plum elements in this cocktail.

Mint cocktail 

Imagine the garnishes used with the main course. The skinny mint cocktail is a refreshing cocktail that goes well when coupled with any heavy dish.

There is a drink for every mood and occasion at the Harringtons bar and grill. You could think outside the glass and try a brand new drink or stick with your favourite