Indian Red Chili Coconut Chutney –What Is It?

If you have tasted Indian food, especially snacks such as Vadei or ulunduvadei then you may have received a red coconut paste on your serving plate. The same coconut paste is served with most other Indian food too.These food you can taste with red coconut chutney include dosa and idli.

Why red coconut chutney is much popular and why is it used as a side for many Indian dishes? Let’s discuss. If you check this red coconut chutney recipe for dosa and idli then you know why it is a popular Indian dish.

Red coconut chutney is a versatile food in Indian cuisine that can be served as a side for many dishes. It is also easy to prepare. It doesn’t take much time to prepare. Also it doesn’t need many ingredients. Because of all these reasons red chutney has become a popular Indian food which many nationalities admire.

What is Red Chili Coconut Chutney?

The word chutney derived from an Indian term ‘chatni’ meaning crushed.

Chutney is a sauce or a dry base for a sauce, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used with the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent that may include such paperwork as a spicy coconut dip, a tomato relish, onion, prune, tomato, red chili, spices, etc.

Red chili coconut chutney is usually used to balance a dish and offer a highly spiced and sweet taste. It is an ideal spicy condiment. Red chili coconut chutney enhances the taste and flavor of many snack items.

As per Food Corner, red chili coconut chutney is also popular in Sri Lanka due to its flavor and easiness to prepare. It is also considered as a Sri Lankan Tamil recipe although it is popular among whole country among other races too.

 Red Chili Coconut Chutney is a mouth-watering South-Indian chutney recipe. Made with red chilies, coconut, curry leaves, and other spices served with idli and dosa as a side dish

 Red chili coconut chutney is slightly different from the normal chutney. Red chili coconut chutney with its highly spiced, candy and tangy taste will awaken your senses. Pair it with idli or dosa for a healthy breakfast.

When eating south Indian favorites like Dosa (thin pancakes) and Idli (fermented rice cakes) if the red chili coconut chutney is missing then the meal is incomplete. So you must know how to make a delicious red chili Coconut Chutney.

 If you never had the opportunity to taste this red coconut chutney before, you can easily make it at home. Otherwise visit the nearest Indian restaurant. Order a plate of Idli or dosa. You will receive the food palate with coconut chutney.