Few Things to Look for While Selecting Prime Rib Roast

Prime rib roast can be considered as actual holiday show stopper, which are the most impressive meat pieces that you can get for your family. Making of prime rib roast starts at butcher counter. You must know how to choose perfect rib roast. If you start with this kind of delicious high-quality protein, then culinary possibilities will be endless!

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So, now how can you make sure that you will be purchasing the best variety of prime rib possible? Besides researching about source to purchase prime rib from, also you must look for following few signs:

  1. Check the grading

If you are considering that ‘prime rib’ means only exceptional quality then you can always be forgiven. Actually, it is just name of its cut. For ensuring that you are purchasing great meat piece, you must also enquire about its grading. If it is below USDA prime, then it will not meet your expectations.

  1. Loin end vs. chuck end 

Loin end has less fat, which is leaner, larger central meat eye, while chuck end has got more fat all around and also between central meats. 

  1. Bone-in vs boneless prime rib?

Bone-in prime rib is a preferable option as the bone will insulate the meat while cooking and will produce more flavorful tender results.

  1. Know exactly what you want

Do you know what the most important thing is for you, while you are looking for a prime beef? Will it be its tenderness? Or will it be its juiciness? Actually it will be the former, so always prefer to buy a cut which contains ribs 6 to 9, as this will be sure to have more amount of fat. 

In case if it is latter, then buy prime beef cut, which includes ribs of 10 to 12, as these are usually little more tender and leaner.

  1. Watch the weight

Any high-quality and prime rib of full cut should always weigh minimum 16 pounds or 7 kg. If it happens to be anything below that weight then it could mean that perhaps you have settled for any sub-par quality.

  1. Prefer for only bone-in prime rib

Those prime meats come bone-in will be guaranteed to be much tastier and also juicier as compared to meats from where bone has been totally removed.