Why Mexi Shred Is A Restaurateur’s Preference Over Shredding Their Cheese?

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Shredded cheese is a popular product used in restaurants all across Australia. It can be used through various dishes, which is what makes it such a vital ingredient. Shredded cheese is the most efficient way to add an extra layer of cheesy goodness to your favourite dishes.

Almost all restaurants use shredded cheese. However, there are often two ways that restaurants choose to purchase their shredded cheese. One is by purchasing multiple block cheeses and shredding the cheese themselves, and the second is by purchasing pre-shredded cheese in a bag.

Nowadays, restaurants are moving more towards the option of pre-shredded cheese. There are so many reasons why restaurant owners prefer buying shredded cheese over shredding their own, here are a few:


Mexi Shred Blend, the best shredded cheese on the market, is so convenient to use, and is readily available. You won’t need any extra tools or time, to get the shredded cheese ready for service. Time is always a significant factor in any restaurant, and you can’t afford to keep customers waiting for their food. This is why using pre-shredded cheese can save time and effort. Not just in usage, but also because Mexi Shred Blend can be conveniently purchased and stored.

It Is Economical

Mexi Shred Blend is made up of four different kinds of high-quality cheeses, and if you need to make this blend on your own – you have to purchase each of these cheese blocks individually. Which as it sounds, can be quite expensive. Then you will need more space to store these blocks and also the shredded cheese. Buying pre-shredded cheese reduces your spending costs while enhancing the taste of your restaurant’s dishes.

Longer Shelf Life

As a rule of thumb – shredded cheese often has a longer shelf life than a block of cheese. This is because moisture is trapped in the outer cell structure, limiting air entering the package. The moisture acts as a natural preservative and helps to prevent spoilage. This means that shredded cheese should be used within six months of purchase. Pre-shredded cheese is also more convenient to store in your fridge. Block cheese must be stored in a muslin cloth or wax paper, and you have to make sure it is not contaminated.

Buying pre-shredded cheese is one of the easiest ways to save money at your venue. Not only do you avoid the hassle of shredding the cheese yourself, but you will also save time, since you will spend less time measuring and weighing out the ingredients. There are many types of shredded cheese available on the market, each with a different flavour combination. However, Mexi Shred Blend by Pure Dairy is one of the most popular types on the market.

Why? Because it offers an authentic taste and is free from nasty additives and preservatives. This blend is also perfect to use on nachos, burritos, tacos, loaded fries, hot dogs, lasagnes, or any melted cheese dish.

A common debate in the culinary world is whether to shred cheeses in-house or buy them pre-shredded. Some believe that pre-shredded cheeses are higher quality & better for dishes like tacos (which require a cheese that melts well). Others believe the opposite.

However, pre-shredded cheeses are often high quality and packed with nutrients, as long as you purchase from the excellent brand, such as Mexi Shred Blend from Pure Dairy.