The Right Ratio – If You Are Adding An Extra Burger Patty Or Other Ingredients, Do You Need An Extra Slice Of Cheese?

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Whether you like your burgers with a beef patty, pineapple, beetroot, or runny egg – everyone has their own preference to how they like their burgers to be served. Just as no two people are the same, no two burger preferences are the same.

No matter how many ingredients people add, or the quantities of these ingredients, one thing that remains constant is American cheese. Can you imagine your burger without cheese? No way!

Using just any cheese slice is simply not enough in a burger – you need to have the right type of cheese and the right quantity, to create the most incredible burgers in your restaurant

Usually, in a restaurant, we order our burger with a single layer of every ingredient, and if we are super hungry, we might add an extra patty. This is how most people will order at least, however as we add a patty or any other extra ingredients – do we need an extra slice of cheese?

The right ratio of cheese to patty in a burger is crucial – however this does also depend on the preferences of the individual. However, some things are just self-explanatory.

Yes, you need an extra slice of cheese when you are adding an extra burger patty. A well-cooked burger patty on its own, is not always the tastiest aspect. However, when you add cheese, the flavour explodes. Cheese slices make the burger patty juicy and balance the taste of the meat or veggie patty.

You might have seen how burger cheese slices are always added on top of the patty while they are on the grill itself. So, an extra patty should always mean an extra cheese slice.

So, is it equally as important to add an extra cheese slice when adding other extra ingredients like onion, lettuce, beetroot, pineapple, cucumber, or tomatoes? This is entirely your own choice.

These fresh ingredients are mostly juicy on their own, so the burger is delicious and juicy even if you don’t ask for extra cheese.

All chefs and restaurant owners should have the right knowledge in regard to the perfect cheese and patty ratio to make sure you don’t serve any dry burgers to your customers.

While the whole burger patty and burger cheese ratio is important, it is also crucial to pay attention to the quality of your restaurant’s cheese slices. If you are using a low-quality cheese, it won’t really matter how many cheese slices you throw on the burger, the taste won’t be enhanced.

If you do some good quality research into the cheese slice market in Australia, you should be able to find the perfect supplier for your restaurant’s cheese slices. However, if you don’t have the time, don’t worry; we have researched for you and found the best burger slices in Australia for your restaurant, and everyone else involved in the food service industry.

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