3 Fruit-based healthy recipes for kids

People are growing more aware of health, hygiene, and food habits. Most of us are trying different fitness regimes. Parents want to keep their kids healthy and fit. Eating healthy food to boost your immunity has also become important for individuals of all ages. Apart from adding a game or regular fitness activity to your lifestyle, consuming immunity booster foods is the only and most effective way to stay healthy.

And it especially stands true with the kids in the house. At their growing age, kids are more active and spend a lot of energy. Thus, they need more nutritious food to improve their immune system to fight infections. And what better immunity boosting foods for kids than fruits. 

If your little one is fussy about eating fruits, then we have a trick to help you get your kid to eat fruits happily. Here are the three fruit-based recipes that are easy to make and will be savored by your kids:

  1. Juicy and Pleasant Fruit Salad

Ingredients you need:






Fresh cream

How to make:

Chop all the fruits mentioned in ingredients and add those to a large salad bowl. Top these fresh fruit pieces with fresh cream so that it covers all the pieces properly. The fresh cream will add flavors to the juicy fruits and the kids will eat it without complaining.

  1. Delicious Watermelon Salad

This Watermelon salad is not only delicious but it brings a whole new meaning to the refreshment.

Ingredients you need:


Olives (pitted)

Fruit juice

Red onions, chopped



Feta cheese, crumbled

How to make:

Add chopped red onions and fruit juice in a bowl. Let the onions soak in the fruit juice for about 10 minutes. Next, add watermelon cut into small cubes along with olives, coriander, and mint. Place the mix in the fridge for about an hour. Once chilled, top the mixture with cheese and serve it.

  1. Yogurt-based Fruit Salad

The sweetness of yogurt and tanginess of the fruits will tickle your kids’ taste buds and make them want to eat this salad.

Ingredients you need:

Pineapple pieces



Grapes, green



Brown sugar, dark


How to make:

Add yogurt to a bowl. Top it with brown sugar and honey. This will be your dressing for the fruit salad. Mix all the fruits mentioned in the ingredients in another bowl. Just before serving the salad, top it up with the generous dressing.

Salads are one of the easiest and most delicious dishes you can make with fruits and vegetables. And you can always opt for fresh fruits to make sure they taste even better. The fresher the fruits you use the better it will be for the taste and nutrients your kids will get.