5 Ways to Make Your Juice Fasting Successful

Today’s time will offer you many diet trends, including the juice diet in Singapore. A juice diet means abstaining from eating solid food and only drinking juice made from fruits and vegetables. It would help if you also were strict with your calorie intake. Keep in mind that you need a proper nutrition plan to make this successful. Otherwise, you’ll only damage your health.

So, to make your juice fasting successful, here are the things you need to remember.

1. Prepare Your Body

Before starting your juice fasting, you must prepare your body for days before you begin the diet routine. You may weaken your immune system if you jump right into the diet. So, it’s better to transition from a regular diet to a juice diet slowly and surely.

2. Consider the Recipes

One fun thing about juice fasting is picking more about the recipes. For instance, you can mix apples with cucumber or kale with ginger. Once you find your favourite flavour, you can enjoy your juice in Singapore without forcing yourself to do it.

3. Your Caloric Intake

Another thing to consider is your caloric intake. It would help if you sustained your caloric needs with the juice you plan to consume. If not, you may suffer from health problems due to a lack of nutrition. Better ask your nutritionist before trying the juice fasting for the best results.

4. The Lack of Protein Source

Since most protein sources come from meat, juice fasting may not offer you the right amount of nutrients your body needs. That’s why you should look for vegetables or fruits rich in protein like broccoli, kale, baby spinach, and cabbage.

5. Try Not to Overwork Yourself

During your juice fasting, you need to conserve energy. So, your workout routine must be mild and easy for the time of your diet. This way, you can stay energetic throughout the week, especially if you’re working.

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