7 Latin Dishes That are Perfect for a Date Night In

Are you aware that 7 out of 10 people feel bored by their meal rotation?

If you’d like to spice up your life, then you should consider adding more Latin recipes to the menu. Not only will you get more joy out of each meal, but you can also impress your partner when you decide to have romantic dates at home.

Are you wondering which Latin dishes you should try to create first? Read on so you can learn about 7 foods that will never disappoint.

  1. Ceviche

Anyone who’s on the hunt for easy recipe ideas has to make ceviche. This dish doesn’t require any cooking with heat since the seafood gets cooked by marinating in lime juice. You can eat ceviche as an appetizer with crackers or as a full meal.

  1. Croquettes

We can all agree that anything that’s fried tastes heavenly. When you sink your teeth into some classic ham and cheese croquettes, you’ll want to eat this app at least once a week. You can also feel free to experiment with other fillings like chicken or chorizo.

  1. Tostones

When it comes to Latin food, nothing is more iconic than tostones. This simple dish is twice-fried plantains that you can serve with aioli or another sauce of your choice. Since you can find tostones on any authentic Latin restaurant menu, you need to include them on yours.

  1. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is a rich dish that’s made with beef, vegetables, and warming spices. You cook the meat with your broth and veggies until it’s tender and you shred it so each bite can soak up the juices. You can serve your meat and vegetables with some classic Mexican rice.

  1. Pozole

Pozole is an incredible stew that contains hominy and a protein of your choice that you’ll crave even during the summer. You can create your own at home with ease by getting ingredients from eatcasaverde.com.

  1. Flan

You can’t end your date night before dessert, so you should consider making some flan. This whimsical dessert gets its jiggle from baking the custard just enough to set it. You’ll want to make extra caramel sauce to make this rich dessert even sweeter.

  1. Churros

Another delectable option for dessert is churros, which are a common street food in Latin America. The outside is crunchy and sweet thanks to the cinnamon and sugar coating and the inside is soft and luscious. This pastry is great on its own, but you can also dip it in caramel or chocolate.

You and Your Partner Will Fall in Love With These Latin Dishes

Coming up with date night dishes that will keep things interesting can be challenging. If you try any of these Latin dishes, you’ll be sure to sweep your partner off their feet.

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