7 Of the Best Hamburgers in Houston

If we ignore Alaska, Texas is the biggest state in the US. And while the likes of Dallas and Austin would love to compete, no one does it like Houston! 

As the fourth-most populated city in the country, Houston has its fair share of tourist attractions and closely guarded local hangouts. When it comes to hamburgers, Houston has a list of world-class burgers that’s long enough to rival the size of the city. 

Whether you’re a local looking to mix it up or are breezing through Houston for a couple of days, there are some burger restaurant scarborough you just can’t miss out on. Read on for the best 7 hamburgers in Houston.

  1. ‘The Classic’ From The Burger Joint 

Locals rave about The Burger Joint, which has the awards and recognition to back it up. Voted Houston’s Favorite Burger (2016), The Burger Joint has a host of mouth-watering options for you to choose from.

As a restaurant specializing in hamburgers, every one of their hand-crafted burgers will leave your tummy full and satisfied. If you’re not sure which to choose, you can’t go wrong with The Classic. 

With free-range 100% Angus beef, the freshest of ingredients, and toasty buns, this standard recipe becomes something magical with The Burger Joint’s touch. 

  1. ‘The Kraken’ From Goodvibes Burgers & Brews 

One of the newest restaurants on the list, Goodvibes Burgers & Brews shows that you don’t need centuries of experience to make a good hamburger. They take you on a culinary vacation with every delightful bite. This fun-loving restaurant presents a formidable lineup of delicious, imaginative meals and tantalizing tropical cocktails. 

Their made-to-order burgers all consist of a half-pound fresh 100% Angus or Wagyu beef, vine-ripe tomatoes, and Texas sweet onions. Our favorite hamburger from their extensive menu is The Kraken, which turns the tides with a pepper-crusted patty, gooey sauteed onions, Muenster cheese, mushrooms, and a dreamy peppercorn Cognac sauce. 

All burgers are served with your choice of classic fries, cajun fries, sweet potato fries, or side salad. Onion rings or garlic fries are available at an additional cost. If you have an unending appetite, order an additional serving of Loaded Potato Fries decked with cheese, bacon, green onion, and sour cream!

  1. ‘Hugo’s Burger’ From Backstreet Cafe 

Although not a burger restaurant, Backstreet Cafe gives its contenders a run for their money! A Houston dining tradition for over 38 years, Backstreet Cafe offers innovative, sustainable, and delicious food all year long. As a chef-driven Seasonal American Bistro, you can expect a variety of flavors and influences in every bite. 

Their wood-grilled Hugo’s Burger contains a life-changing combination of chihuahua cheese, chiles toreadors, chipotle aioli, red jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. The burger is served with fries and pairs perfectly with their Nutella iced coffee. 

  1. ‘Chili Cheeseburger’ From Becks Prime

The founders of Becks Prime spent a year researching concepts for the restaurant, hand-selecting the best types of burgers and hamburger recipes. That thoughtfulness and attention to detail hasn’t left as the restaurant has become more established. 

The delicious, hand-shaped burger patties are made from 100% pure Angus beef and grilled over mesquite wood coals to give them a rich, smokey flavor. 

Try the Chili Cheeseburger to grab a taste of the epitome of Southern cooking. With delicious homemade chili, cheddar, and onion on a smoky pattie wedged between two fluffy egg buns, this is a burger you don’t want to miss. 

  1. ‘FM Burger’ From FM Kitchen and Bar

Substantial and cozy, the FM burger pulls out all the stops to give you a delicious and comforting meal. Made with classic American cheese, crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, tangy onion, a potato bun, and the FM Kitchen and Bar’s secret sauce. Voted Houston’s Best Burger (2021) Reader’s choice by the Houston Press, this award-winning burger is sure to satisfy. 

If you’re looking for something surprising, the Green Chile Cheeseburger puts a fun twist on the classic FM Burger recipe. Including poblano pepper, Oaxaca cheese, and chipotle aioli on a Bread Man brioche bun, this burger is a great option for pickier eaters looking to branch out. 

  1. ‘Luke Skyburger’ From Stanton’s City Bites 

Started in 1962 as a family-run grocery store, Stanton’s City Bites has since evolved into one of Houston’s favorite burger restaurants. With their reputation in every bite, their selection of 13 unique, made-to-order burgers offers gourmet flavors with the comfort of a home-cooked meal. 

For any Star Wars fans, the Luke Skyburger will not disappoint. Made with deep-fried bacon, delectable garlic sauteed spinach, grilled mushrooms, and provolone, this smoky burger will awaken the Force within you. 

  1. ‘Williams Tower’ From Hangar Kitchen 

Nestled in the shadows of the Houston Hobby Airport, Hangar Kitchen is a welcoming neighborhood restaurant known for incredible burgers and great beer. The well-traveled chefs have a knack for introducing worldly flavors in subtle, powerful ways. Inventive, lively, and affordable, this is a restaurant you don’t want to miss out on.

The star of the show, the Williams Tower burger features pulled pork, fried egg, crunchy chicharrones, cheese, and honey-cured bacon. We won’t blame you for drooling. 

Fill Your Tummy With the Best Hamburgers in Houston 

It’s difficult choosing where to eat when you’re spoilt for choice. Amongst hundreds of world-class Houston restaurants, these are the 7 best hamburgers in Houston and are sure will delight your tastebuds and satisfy your appetite.

Which burger are you most excited to try?

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