A few tips to ensure Vegetarian Catering works well for your Wedding

Are you a vegetarian and looking for a vegetarian menu for your dream wedding? Yes, it’s possible to present veggies instead of meat, beef, and chicken. Some people have a wrong perception that wedding treat is incomplete without a non-vegetarian menu. Although, there are a wide variety of dishes in a vegetarian menu and, the vegetarian treat never is plain and monotonous as most of the people seem it.  If you’re planning to hire Lunch catering, you may get in touch with En Ville. We should never underestimate the people who eat only veggies because they are as delicious and appetizing as the other non-vegetarian stuff. Here, we elaborated a few tips to ensure your vegetarian delicacies work well.

Don’t be scared to go with veggies 

As we know each person has its own choice for eating, some like Nonvegetarian Stuff and others loves to have Veggies only. So, if you’re in the second type, you don’t need to choose a non-vegetarian menu for your wedding as it’s not your thing. Huge numbers of Veggie delicacies are available which can be designed in a way that it allures the largest proportion of your guests. Don’t be afraid to present your choice of dishes, as this initiative will give a new experience to your all guest about the taste of veggies. So feel free to try different types of veggies in your wedding menu. 

Choose a Buffet-Style Catering

Another alternative that you can choose is present both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on a different buffet. In this way, both types of guest feel happy to have their favorite food and it to allow them to pamper in whichever food alternatives they choose. But make sure to create a balance between meals for veggie lovers and those who prefer meat.

Offer Healthy Fruit and Veggie Drinks

Today’s people are quite health-conscious, so take advantage of this habit. Offer your guests a healthy menu with different types of fruits and veggie mock tales. Moreover, to beat the alcohol bar, you can present your whole mock takes in a smoothie bar. Moreover, offers a signature drink to all your guests that make your wedding day memorable for them. For better presentation, you can offer snacks with fruit drinks. This will surely help your guests to refresh and wind down the night. Moreover, try different flavors and ingredients to make your soft drink bar so special.