Before You Consume ‘Mad Honey’ Read This Post

People have come up with all sorts of bizarre methods to get high, from licking toads to putting vodka in their eyes, but “mad honey” could be the sweetest of them all. Although most people have probably never heard of it, this hallucinogenic honey has been around since ancient times.

According to Vaughn Bryant, a professor of anthropology at Texas A&M University and one of the greatest authorities on honey in the world, mad honey has a fascinating past that includes its use in battle.

Real Mad Honey can offer you this mad honey for your consumption, however, before consuming you must find out how much of mad honey you should eat.

What makes this mad honey so special?

“Mad honey” has a slightly bitter taste and a reddish tint, and has the potential to give users psychedelic experiences.

Do you know why? Because of the blooms honey bees visit frequently, honey is made. Bees frequent rhododendron blossoms, notably those of the Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron ponticum kinds, in Turkey and Nepal, the country’s main production hubs.

These flowers contain grayanotoxin, the strong neurotoxin, which can have a variety of effects, from brief paralysis to actual hallucination.

Depending on the dose, “mad honey’s” effects change. However, despite the fact that thrill-seekers continue to consume the honey in search of psychedelic experience, many consumers report having “mad honey” poisoning. 

Wide-ranging side effects include nausea, diarrhoea, numbness, and fever. These side effects normally last only a few days and go away. However, death has happened in rare instances, as Modern Farmer pointed out.

Why eat ‘mad honey?’

Why would someone choose to consume “mad honey” when its side effects could range from digestive problems to neurological ones? The compound has long been regarded as a traditional medicine in Turkey, claims Modern Farmer.

According to Süleyman Türedi, a Turkish physician who researches the effects of honey, the majority of people think that it is a type of medicine. It is used to treat several stomach conditions as well as hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, he claimed that it could enhance sexual performance.

“Mad honey” is typically only ingested in small amounts and is frequently blended into boiled milk. It should not be consumed in the same manner as honey, such as spread across toast or liberally blended into tea. The most likely cause of poisoning in modern times is consumption of this amount of honey.

So use caution if you do manage to get your hands on this rare treat that you can find it online for up to $166 per pound. The chance of “crazy honey” poisoning increases if you consume more than one spoonful of honey containing grayanotoxin, according to Türedi.

Also, you must be aware of many fake honey dealers who may sell you fake mad honey. Always prefer a genuine source while buying particularly if you are interested to get the benefits of mad honey.

According to a Washington Post report, US consumers must be alarmed over fake honey as almost 400 million pounds of fake honey often goes into food production.