Check Out these 9 Amazing Facts About Coffee

A majority of people begin their day with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Drinking coffee is in fact healthy as well, provided you consume it in moderation. It makes you energetic and reduces the chance of heart and liver failure, as well as type 2 diabetes. Besides, coffee is not just a drink. People love going to a café in Castle Hill and gossip over a cup of coffee. As a coffee lover, you will be mesmerised to read the following facts about your favourite beverage:

  1. Coffee was discovered by a goat herder during the 1500s. He noticed his goats being sleepless and energetic at night after eating coffee cherries. He talked about it to the local monks and made a drink using coffee beans. This grew in popularity over the years, and emerged as one of the most popular beverages we love and enjoy at a café in Castle Hill.
  2. Drinking just one cup of coffee brewed for 20 minutes will serve your body 300 phytochemicals that function as antioxidants. They also stay in your body for as long as a month!
  3. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed all around the world every year. This makes coffee the number one beverage worldwide. Coffee is also the most traded commodity in the world, next to crude oil.
  4. Espresso, which is served at good restaurants in Castle Hill, is an Italian term that translates to “forced out”. This Italian coffee-making method is performed by forcing hot water through finely grounded coffee using high pressure.
  5. The caffeine content in coffee is said to have the effects of painkillers such as aspirin. However, adding milk to the coffee can reduce the said impact of the caffeine. This is because our body tends to absorb coffee at a much slower rate due to the fat content in milk.
  6. Instant coffee was invented in 1906 by George Constant Louis Washington. It was marketed and made commercially available in 1910.
  7. Legendary composer Beethoven was obsessed with coffee. He always used exactly 60 beans per cup while drinking coffee.
  8. There are over 800 aromatic compounds in coffee according to research. These compounds contribute to the distinct colour, scent, flavour, and texture of coffee. This is why coffee has such a strong and incredible smell. The Aroma of coffee is known as the nose or bouquet.
  9. Among the different species of the coffee plant, the two major ones are Robusta and Arabica. While Arabica has about 1.2 to 1.5% of caffeine, Roberta has around 2.2 to 2.7% of caffeine, almost twice the amount of the former. Arabica is demanded in Australia, due to its sweeter and softer taste.

Bet you didn’t know most of the facts listed above. The coffee culture shows no signs of stopping, and there’s been constant changes and improvements in the way we consume the drink. Nothing compares to visiting a coffee shop in Castle Hill and unwinding with a cup of aromatic, creamy coffee.