Cheese board: what options do you have?

To set up a beautiful dining table, a wildcard alternative for any type of event is the cheese board. It serves both as an aperitif option to entertain your guests while the main meal does not arrive, as to accompany a moment of drinks and relaxation. Assembling a tasty cheese board is a simple task. We have prepared a list of items below that can help you create an irresistible board for your guests.

Maasdam cheese board

Did you know that Holland is a country that produces one of the tastiest and most valued cheeses in the world? The Maasdam is a cheese quite soft, but with aroma and sweet that will appeal to most palates. It is matured for about four months and should be served at room temperature.

Raw ham cheese board

Cheese boards are not just made from cheese. The prosciutto is one of those foods that can compose your cheese board and help make it tastier. It combines very well with the most special cheeses. In addition, its flavor serves as an important complement to the other snacks on the board.

Parmesan cheese board

The Parmesan is one of the most famous cheeses from Italy. Traditionally used to accompany pasta, risottos and other Italian dishes, parmesan is also a great ingredient to compose your cheese board. It has an intense flavor.

Nuts and dried fruits

The nuts and dried fruits are also great choices of complementary foods to your cheese board. Almonds, cashews, apricots and raisins harmonize well with the other items on the board. They help to clear the palate between one cheese and another, improving the tasting experience of these foods.

Brie cheese board

A favorite of most guests who enjoy a cheese board, brie is a must-have item on your table. Its irresistible soft texture goes very well with slices of bread, but also with dried apricots and fruit jellies. It is a guarantee of success for your cheese board.

Roquefort cheese board

Roquefort is another type of cheese. It is also an interesting alternative for your board. As this is a blue cheese family, its flavor is quite intense and characteristic. Roquefort is spicy. You can serve an item in smaller portions on your board.

Salami cheese board

Is there a cheese board for you without the traditional salami? Italian salami is an essential item for your board because it has a flavor that pleases all types of palates and makes a nice pair with different types of cheese.

Grape cheese board

Besides being interesting decorative pieces, grapes are the complement that you need to have on your cheese board. Its smooth, citrus flavor is the perfect counterbalance to your palate as you try out various types of cheese. You can choose the grapes from your board according to your taste.

Quantity of items for the board

Having chosen the ingredients for your cheese board, do not forget to calculate the items according to the number of guests you will receive. Each person consumes, on average, 150 grams on a cold table. It is also worth remembering that some add-ons can make this experience even better.