Coffee: The Fuel which Keeps us Going

Who does not like to start their day with a cup of coffee? It is as if you can see the stress leaving your body with every sip. It is a magical beverage! Two people can bond over a cup of coffee on a date. Coffee and conversations go hand in hand. Meet over a cup of coffee, the best way to pass the time with your friends. It is late in the night, and you have to stay up for studies or work, what better a solution than coffee?

It helps you to stay awake, and the hot brewed coffee in the middle of the night has helped millions of students to complete their academic assignments on time. Not to forget the working professionals who simply cannot function without a couple of cups of coffee every day. Coffee is the fuel which keeps us going. The conclusion being, a good cup of coffee is a solution to almost everything.

Now coffee has its own forms. It is made from the coffee beans and the different processes of making coffee change the taste of the commodity. These coffee beans undergo several processes, first, they are partially fermented, then they are roasted.

The roasting is the last process before the coffee beans go for the grinding process which makes it to the coffee powder. Then according to the roasting of the beans, the coffee beans are graded as dark, light, or medium.

This gradation also determines the flavor of the coffee one is about to get. Then again the coffee comes in different forms, like the instant coffee, the one which can be made instantly, the filter coffee, where one needs to make a decoction of the ground coffee powder to brew the perfect coffee. The filter coffee, unlike instant coffee, does not readily mix with the water; hence, it has to be made into a decoction.

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