Foods to Avoid When Preparing Confinement Meals in Singapore

One of the most sensible cultural holdovers that we got from the Chinese is our propensity to provide confinement periods for new mothers straight after delivery. We must approach the period after childbirth carefully because new mothers are sensitive at this time. That is why we pay extra attention to the baby and mother.

Confinement services are available to mothers and their children, which range from nannying to Chinese confinement food served at times. On the subject of the latter, people should declare certain foods as off-limits to mothers. What might be okay to the mother is harmful to the baby; because toxins can transfer through breastfeeding. Some foods can also wreak havoc on their bodies.

See some non confinement meals or foods in Singapore that are sadly off-limits to moms.

  1. Hot and spicy foods

As a new mom, you should avoid foods with spicy flavouring for a few months. They can cause constipation and other nasty gastrointestinal problems that are hard to fix. Since childbirth already messes with this part of your digestive track, the last thing you want is more difficulty in passing your bowels.

  1. Caffeine

Yes, everyone’s favourite foods like coffee, chocolate, and tea contain more than a few trace amounts of caffeine. When your body is still recovering from the trauma of childbirth, it will still have a tough time digesting certain foods. These foods include caffeine. Instead, look for the best confinement food in Singapore and get a safe substitute to drink or eat.

  1. Processed or salty foods

It should be a no-brainer to tell why this is on the list. Processed foods are already unsafe to eat in high amounts even as a healthy individual, so as a new mom, you should reduce your salt and processed food intake.

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