Fun Ways to Turn Leftover Foods into Delicious Meals

You’d surprised to know that 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year. This accounts to one-third of all food produced for humans. We often add on to this by wasting a percentage of home-cooked meals. Combating this global issue is not difficult, if we get into the habit of using the leftover food and recreate. 

In fact, this takes less time and effort and also offers a delicious spin to recipes. Here are a few great meals to prepare from the extra food that you couldn’t finish at once. 

Delicious Dishes to Whip Up with Dal Makhani

The creamy and buttery makhani is one of the healthiest dishes of the Indian kitchen. In fact, how to make daalmakhani is one of the most searched recipes on the internet. If you have some leftover, make sure to preserve them. You can mash it, add a little more herbs and spicesand then roll them nicely into thick parathas and enjoy. 

To make delicious dal makhanipakodas, add besan (gram flour) and prepare spicy balls. Deep fry them in oil and relish with your evening tea.  

One great dish to make with dal makhani is dal tikki which is crunchy and has a burst of flavors. Add potatoes, salt, besan and spices and blend well. Shape the mixture into small cutlets and cover them nicely with bread crumbs.  Shallow fry in a pan and serve with mint chutney. 

Another fun dish to prepare is dal makhani toast. Add some besan to the makhani and mix well. Layer the bread nicely and cook on a skillet using little oil. Once well cooked, enjoy with tea or coffee. 

Brilliant Ways to Use Pasta
If you have last night’s pasta left; there are ample ways to make the most of it. Add eggs, thai curry paste and a whole lot of spices. Mix well till all the ingredients blend together. Take small patty moulds and pour the mixture and cook for 5-7 minutes. Make sure each side has turned golden brown before serving. 

Another way to use the soggy pasta or noodles is to turn them crisp. Take a skillet and add a handful of goat cheese, tomatoes, chicken and eggs. Simple toss and turn and stir fry in olive oil and serve with garlic bread. This is easy to cook and tastes delicious as well. 

You can also make pasta salad, pasta samosa or casseroles.

Rice- The Versatile Ingredient
Rice can be used to prepare several dishes. If you have some leftover cooked rice from lunch, you can use it to prepare a new meal like rice soup for dinner. 

For mouth-watering fried rice, just add soya sauce, vinegar, vegetables, meat, corn and spices and let it stew well. Mix all the ingredients from time to time and serve as a standalone dish.
To satiate your sweet tooth cravings, add coconut milk and create delicious rice pudding. 


These were some basic homemade food recipes to try with leftovers in the fridge. For all those people working from home and taking care of kids simultaneously, such recipes can save time and energy, as well as provide for a delicious meal with the family.