Inventory management guide

Restaurant inventory management is a major challenge faced by food and beverage establishments. You might have come across frustrating experiences such as running short of stock, theft and inventory wastage. The best way to tackle all these problems is by installing a robust restaurant management software.

Key benefits of a restaurant management software

Live tracking of inventory – 

It’s quite necessary to know the exact details of your inventory levels. Now you can monitor the stock levels real-time from any location, anytime. India’s leading digital restaurant supply chain management software Inresto SCM has come up with this amazing feature. Whenever you place a new order for stock, the inventory levels get updated automatically. The timely notifications keeps you informed on the latest inventory data.

No more running short of stock – 

When you run short of food items, it’s quite embarrassing to face a disappointed diner. No worries as the SCM software helps you order inventory at the right time. Now receive alerts on the minimum threshold quantities specific to the various outlets you are managing. 

Curb theft effectively – 

It’s high time to realise that inventory theft by employees is eating away your profits. As per the report by National Restaurant Association, 75% of shrinkage or lost product at restaurants is due to theft. A robust SCM software ensures that your supplies and raw materials are secure. The system leaves absolutely no scope for theft.

Effortless procurement – 

If you are managing a chain of restaurants, now you can handle the procurement pretty easily and achieve better cost margins. Make a comparison of the various vendors and choose the best in terms of quality and prices. By making use of the central kitchen, you can cut down costs to a large extent. The SCM software also make optimum use of kitchen resources. Now start experiencing a drastic reduction in overall grocery cost and requirement.

Parting Words

In an era where restaurants are battling with a decline in sales, a restaurant management software is indeed a boon. It helps you achieve a better grip on inventory management and cut down wastage of food materials.