Perfect Thermos for Your Daily Usage

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Few people would refuse the comforting sensation of drinking something hot in winter activity. With our tips on thermos you will not have to wait to get to the bar or home to enjoy a good soup or a steaming coffee.

A good thermos of stainless steel offers us:

  • Drinking hot liquids in full winter activity without having to stop to use a stove (which is not always possible or desirable).
  • To have an unbreakable container, 12 times more resistant than an aluminum flask, in which also to conserve cold liquid foods for the summer (for example a gazpacho) or even concrete medicines preserved of extreme temperatures.
  • A great resistance to shock compared to conventional thermos with glass and better hygiene than aluminum or plastic bottles.

Get one that works

It seems logical to think that if we want to keep a hot drink many hours in a row, even when it is below zero, we must choose the best models. With the huge offer that exists in the points of sale (especially hardware and department stores sections) we have to look at.

That the price of the best thermos for coffee is not surprisingly low (because after PVP lower than 15 euros there is usually a thermos between whose two walls the vacuum has not been made), otherwise in 2-3 hours the content will cool down.

The cap screws and unscrews accurately, easily and without deforming. We can test its tightness by filling it with water at home and shaking it upside down in case it drips. So we can return it unused.

The narrower and higher the outer neck, where the dosing cap internally threads, the better they usually keep the heat. We have verified that at -10ºC this type of thermos, usually narrower than its competitors, offers 6 to 13 degrees more insulation and that temperatures that touch 0ºC are the only ones that after 12 hours keep the drink pleasantly hot. (others only reach 5-8 hours).

Choose an intermediate capacity, three quarters of a liter, if you want to share your content with two or three people and think of one of 0.35 liters for individual use. This last one bulks so little, about 19×6 centimeters, that it encourages to take it in more occasions than those of 1 or 1,5 liters, quite voluminous.

The short and wide thermos for food are somewhat less insulating than standard drink, but allow you to bring more consistent foods, such as pasta, boiled vegetables, ratatouille, etc. and leave the stove at home in a day’s outings.

A forgotten trick

Although almost nobody does it, it works well to preheat the thermos with boiling water, letting it rest for 3 minutes, emptying it and then filling it with the chosen liquid, also heated to the boiling point. We will get 3 to 5 degrees more in the drink or soup throughout the day. Do not fill the interior with a stopper or screw it immediately, let the steam out for at least 15 seconds.

And when you share the thermos with someone, better pass them the glass-stopper than the thermos, because this way you will control the correct final closing and prevent spills inside the backpack. Imagine what can happen to your clothes, sleeping bag or camera. Check out CarSite for Car Renting or Car Leasing