Responsibilities of a Restaurant Server

The University of Rochester harbors many bright minds working hard to become independent. If you are a student, you probably are looking for part-time jobs to up your CV game. There are various opportunities but waitressing is one of the most common jobs for part-timers. People also take it up as a side hustle to earn extra bucks.

Working in a restaurant is a good option if you are from the hospitality industry or just a food lover. Before you look out for server jobs in Rochester Hills MI, you need to know all about being a restaurant server.

The daily responsibilities of a restaurant server

They help in the smooth running of the restaurant

Servers should remember the dishes available and their ingredients to assist diners in deciding their meal choice. Sometimes, customers request suggestions from the server. So it is essential to know the restaurant’s special and popular food choices.

Besides this, waiters and waitresses inform the kitchen about customers’ choices and special requests. They are the critical contact between the dining area, kitchen staff, and the chef.

They have to be good at social etiquette

Restaurant servers must have good organizational skills. They should look presentable and have good hospitality manners. Presence of mind is always needed to remember each table’s guests and orders. Being a good server requires awareness of your surroundings.

So essentially, Servers have the responsibility to build polite relationships with customers. They must ensure the diner’s comfort and requests in order for them to have a good time.

They help in sustaining the cleanliness of the dining area

The waitstaff also needs to take care of all the tasks in the front-of-house area. This includes setting up all the tables and clearing the dinnerware, reloading utensils, and making sure guests’ glasses are full. Once the guests leave, servers also have to clean the table they are waiting on and get rid of spills, should there be any. The communication skills of a server are crucial to keeping track of meal progression timings.

They conclude the billing exchanges

After a guest finishes their meal, it’s the server’s job to bring them the bill when they ask for it. A server must be responsible as they must calculate the total charges.

Sometimes the customer wants to use a credit card or transfer money electronically. So the waiter should also be good with basic handling of technology.

They are responsible for health inspections

Servers should know a restaurant’s safety and sanitation. In terms of serving alcohol, they should also be aware of all store and legal policies to ensure that diners abide by them. A health inspector can visit any day. Health inspections are a solemn business as the licensing of the restaurant depends on it.

If a health inspector notices any health violation, they might shut down the restaurant. Hence, restaurant servers must ensure the restaurant is always ready for it.

Some other responsibilities

The sidewalk is all the small jobs performed prior to, throughout, and at the termination of a shift. Some of them include:

  • keeping service areas clean;
  • refilling shakers of pepper and salt;
  • sorting out menus;
  • receiving and seating diners;
  • sweeping and vacuuming;
  • getting ice for the bar
  • updating specials boards;
  • refilling table condiments;
  • beverage station restocking;
  • bringing and arranging cutlery and dishes at the tables;
  • making sure table clothes are clean;

Final Say!

The job of a restaurant server is not easy. All things that servers do is essential for a customer’s dining experience. It will help if you are attentive and full of empathy. It is an excellent skill to read customers’ moods and dispositions depending on the situation.

You need to be skillful and creative to tailor your service according to the diner and to land a good server job in Rochester Hills MI. If you enjoy being a part of the hospitality industry, then being in a restaurant might make you happy!