Selection and storage of perfect raisins

Raisins can be considered as nature’s gems. Raisins can also be defined as oilseeds. If you are looking to purchase oilseeds, check out oil seed Malaysia. There are a variety of raisins. Therefore, it can be a challenging process to select and choose raisins. However, once you have decided on the type of raisin you want, the next thing to check is the quality. How do you identify if you have the perfect raisin? Every one of us has our preferences and tastes. However, there are a few methods by which you can find the best raisin quality.

The golden raisins are the most common ones. They are available in almost every store. However, you may also have heard of flame, long green, and a seedless variety of raisins. You must have come across these if you shop in a gourmet or organic market.

Sultana, currants, and raisins are all dried forms of grapes. Most of these come from seedless grapes. The dark raisins are the ones that have been dried in the sun. However, the golden raisins are the ones that have been dried in controlled moisture and temperature levels. Golden raisins are also subjected to treatment with sulfur dioxide antioxidants. Sulfur dioxide provides the raisin’s health properties and preserves dried fruits and white wine. Golden raisins are rich in flavonoids compared to regular ones. Otherwise, the normal and the golden raisins have similar nutrition levels. If you want to purchase raisins, checkout raisins supply Malaysia.

Choosing the perfect raisins

  • Most raisins are available in either resealable packages or boxes. Therefore, you cannot see through to understand the condition of the raisin. Try to press the box. If the raisins seem squeezable, the raisin is not over-dried and can be purchased. However, if the raisin seems hard, do not purchase it.
  • Shake the package and listen to the sounds inside. If the raisin has dried out, it will rattle around in the box when shaking.
  • Make sure to check the expiry date. If the raisin has surpassed the expiry date, do not purchase it.
  • If there is any rotting or sour smell, the raisins have gone bad. These raisins should not be used.
  • If raisins are kept in a humid environment, there can be mold growth. Therefore, check for any mold growth signs.
  • Do not pick the raisins that look discolored. Discolored raisins have minimal flavor in them.
  • Do not pick crystallized raisins. Such raisins may either be on their way to getting spoiled or may contain added quantities of sugar.
  • When searching for high-quality raisins, select those that do not have too many cap stems.
  • Ensure that the package does not possess any foreign material. This is indicative of a wrong sorting process.

When storing the raisins, always keep them in a bag or airtight container and store them in a dark and cool place. The maximum time the raisins can be left on the shelf is one month. After this, they start drying out and lose nutrition.