Spicy & Sweet Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken An Italian Delicacy Recipe

Italian Cuisine comprises many such dishes that have shown their magic worldwide. In India, many Italian dishes are famous for their flavor and texture. For Instance, Pasta, Pizza, Garlic Bread, and many other words are liked by children and individuals in combination or separately. Italian Cuisine is known for its garlicky and spicy flavors along with a pinch of sweetness. Moreover, Chicken has been a considerable part of this Cuisine since the beginning.

The Sweet and Spicy combination is believed to be quite appealing and addictive to people’s taste buds—those who lie in the line between lovely and highly spicy like this kind of flavor. Moreover, the flavor is a good choice for even the small kids who cannot eat spicily but are curious about tasting it.

Here we will be talking about a dish that reflects Italian Cuisine, accompanied by some sweetness and spiciness of flavors. The barbeque technique and flavors have been infused in the dish, and the dish is called Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken Recipe., adding grilled Chicken has made the word more addictive and delightful to eat.

Spicy & Sweet Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken Recipe

The Sweet and Spicy Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken is a juicy and crispy delight that would make your mouth watering and let your taste buds enjoy. Let us dive deeper into the procedure of making it and know more about the ingredients used for the purpose –

Step 1

  • Mix the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce, Italian dressing, Chili Powder, and Red Pepper Flakes.
  • Pour the mixture over the Chicken.
  • You should Refrigerate the Chicken for at least one hour overnight.

Step 2

  • Remove the Chicken from the refrigerator.
  • Could you bring it to room temperature?
  • Grill, the marinade chicken for approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Keep going until no longer pink.

Remember that the mixture we used in the beginning, before refrigerating the Chicken, is called marinade. The marinade has to be applied through any cut of the Chicken so that it will infuse into the Chicken for more flavors.

Moreover, the Chicken can quickly be cooked in an oven if anyone does not have a grill facility in their home.

Ingredients Used

  • ¾ Cup of High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • ¾ Cup of Italian Dressing
  • 1 Tablespoon of Chili Powder
  • Dried Red Pepper Flakes – 1 Tablespoon
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – 6

The dish made accurately and properly would come out with flying colors and tastes. The word can also be served along with some fried or flavourful made mashed potatoes or even vegetables. The High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce used in the dish is the only recommended sauce to be used by chefs and people around the country.

The High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce adds a great deal of tangy and spicy flavors to the dish, which makes the dish blast with Italian and pure barbequed flavors. The dish is a perfect service for a casual lunch or even a happening dinner. The High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce used in the dish is considered to be the only combination for the dish.

Many chefs in India have recommended the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce to be used in almost any kind of dish and not just in any specific type of dish. The reason is that the quality and quantity of the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce are out of the world and it is so easily blended with any recipe you want to combine.

The sweet and spicy Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken recipe is a dish that is liked by almost everyone in the population and is truly authentic, representing two flavors – Italian and Barbeque.

You can also try the dish using different methods and techniques. The marinade could be made differently by you use various other ingredients or recipes in it. However, keep in mind, do not change the authentic High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce. If you want to wash your hands off from good flavors and true ones, then you might use another sauce except for High on Chicken. However, we want your dish to taste the same as initially. Therefore, experiment with it in a way that the flavors remain authentic, but, at the same time, you use your creativity to enhance the presentation and taste of this dish.

Culinary skills have no limits. Use your brains and hands to create something out of the world.