The 4 Best Ways to Cook a Pork Ribeye


Americans purchase just under $122 billion in pork products annually. For many people, this means bacon, pork chops, hot dogs, or ham. However, there are many other delicious cuts of meat that people miss out on.

You’ve probably heard of a ribeye beef steak, but did you know there is a pork ribeye? This bone-in cut of meat is tender, moist, and flavorful.

Learn how to cook pork ribeye and try it out with your family tonight.

  1. Cast Iron Skillet

Cooking pork steaks in a cast-iron skillet makes it easy to get a good sear on the outside of the meat. This superheats the outside pork ribeye temperature without drying out the inside. As a result, the natural juices of the meat get sealed in.

Heat the skillet until it’s very hot, and add a tablespoon or two of avocado or grapeseed oil. These oils have a higher smoking point than olive oil. Using them prevents the oil from burning and degrading the flavor of your meat.

Place your pork ribeye in the middle of the pan and leave it to cook for two to three minutes. When it develops a dark crust, flip it over and let the other side cook. Check the internal temperature and when it’s cooked, take it out of the skillet and serve immediately.

  1. Grill

If you buy high-quality meat like Berkshire pork, then grilling is a great option to showcase the meat’s natural flavor. For the best-tasting pork ribeye, start the prep process before you put them on the grill. Marinate the meat overnight to infuse flavor throughout.

Use about one cup for every four chops. Experiment with your flavors to have a blend of savory, sweet, and bitter. Use liquids, herbs, and spices for a complex flavor profile.

When you’re ready, heat your grill and let your pork cook. Flip halfway through for even cooking.

  1. Braising

If you struggle to keep your pork moist, then try the braising method. This cooks the meat in its own juices for a tender and moist result. Start by searing your pork with the first method we discussed.

Don’t cook the meat completely. You just want the outside done. Then place the ribeye pork chops and cooking liquid in a pan and let them finish in the hot liquid. Remove the pork ribeyes when done and let them rest.

Turn your leftover liquid in a sauce by simmering it down. When it’s your desired thickness, pour it over your plated pork.

  1. Roasting

Similar to braising, you’ll start out searing the pork ribeye with this preparation method. Place the seared pork with liquid and vegetables into a Dutch oven. Put the cover on it and place it in a hot oven.

The Dutch oven keeps the moisture in, ensuring that everything gets cooked without drying out. Then, when it’s ready, you can take the lid off and serve with the Dutch oven on the table. This is a perfect weeknight family-style meal.

Enjoy Pork Ribeye Tonight

With these basics, you are ready to try your hand at some enticing pork ribeye recipes. Look for ones that use these preparation methods, and you’ll have a well-cooked meal that’s full of flavor and never dried out.

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