The custom food packaging has many attractive features 

The packaging of food is very important for attracting more customers to its products and the sales would increase there by. At the present day the custom food packaging is quiet popular and in demand. The various packaging could include gusset bags, coffee bags, stand up pouches and flat heat seal bags etc. there are various packaging companies who also offer low minimums, production options, full service printing and expedited shipping. 

The customer’s demand is the first priority for the production to start. If the customer places a demand for a certain food packaging then it is very important that the production company fulfils their demand and desire completely and satisfy the customer’s needs. There are many attractive features and characteristics of custom food packaging that makes the customers decide which type of packaging they must choose. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The right type of barrier– The customer may either choose crystal clear bag or metallised bag. From low barrier to a high barrier of the packaging, all the range packaging could be easily available. Now below are some of the right barriers that may be specialised in custom food packaging:
  • Compostable bags (PLA)
  • Bags that are crystal clear (BOPP material)
  • Metallised bags (VMPET foil)
  • Laminated bags (this is quiet thick and also durable)
  • Kraft bags (KPET)
  • Combo bags (This one has a solid back and a clear front)
  1. Printing of high quality and coloured fully– This feature provides the customer a choice whether to choose a single colour or multi-colours logo. It also allows that the customers can provide the packaging company with a logo and design that could be easily printed on it. Some of the printing options may be as follows:
  • Metallic printing
  • Photo Quality i.e. full colour printing 
  • Holographic printing
  • Matte printing
  • Full CMYK printing