What Are the Basic Kitchen Utensils?

When you think about kitchens, your mind is filled with all the foods that you love to eat. A fully equipped kitchen is a godsend and if not all the high-end stuff you at least need all the basics to be there. There are so many products available in the market today, that it can become is really confusing to figure out what is it that you really need and what can you do without. What do we have come to realise, is that, it really depends on the kind of cooking that you like to do.

Different cuisines require different essentials, for example, an Indian kitchen could never do without an Indian pressure cooker, and even though the Indians like to make their bread called rotis by hand, are You will find that in the UK you’ll get easier alternatives in the form of roti maker in the UK. Hence, compiling a list of essentials, which form the basis of any cooking, means that he looked into things that a kitchen will not survive without. This is not about personal preferences or how are you like to cook your food or things that you feel are so essential for your kitchen, this is really down to the basics.

  • The first thing that you cannot do without is knives in your kitchen, if there are no knives, then there might as well be no food, that is perhaps how the Indians feel about their Indian pressure cooker. As a rule, three knives will get you by anything, first would-be a chefs knife that can do the bulk of the cutting, Second would be a serrated knife which you can slice your bread and power would be your pairing knife with which you can slice and mince small things, and this is a combination you can more or less mix and match.
  • Now the second thing that will have to go along with your knives is chopping boards, to love them really go hand-in-hand. I’ll be coming to all event that she is and materials and a personal favourite for us will be a bamboo board for chopping up your veggies and a plastic one if you want to chop up your proteins. Plastic chopping boards generally have grips that prevent them from slipping, however, if you look on the more ecologically sustainable way, then bamboo chopping boards might be a bit better.
  • The third thing that we would like to add to the list is mixing bowls and they are so versatile and can be used for so many purposes. Be it making a batter for your baking goods, or just tossing up a salad or if you choose one with lids you can even use them for storage. They are easier to store, easier to clean and also they do not react any of the foods you put in them. You can also make them make the dough for the roti maker in the UK.
  • Measuring cups and spoons are generally overlooked, but they are also quite essential in a kitchen when you think about making any recipe that needs precise measurements, trust us when we say that it makes a world a difference to cook with precise quantities. Trying to avoid the use of plastic, are you? Getting metal measuring cups and spoons are the future now since they are so much easier to clean and last longer.
  • Vegetable Peelers make the cut for next essential tools that need to be in the kitchen and without it you peeling your veggies would be so cumbersome. From making vegetable noodles to just making your life easier a vegetable peeler is a must-have.
  • Next in the list would be a grinder or as the Indians call it mixer, juicer, grinder, which is the trifecta that is the cornerstone of any Indian cooking and of course dishes worldwide as well. Revel grinder is a really popular and reliable option if you are looking to get your hands on something that will become a kitchen staple.
  • Last but not the least pots and pans with their respective ladles, go without saying, what would you cook in if you didn’t have these. Having a pot and pan for every basic cooking purpose like a shallow pan for your eggs and pancakes, a deep frying pan for frying food, Pots in which you can make your soups and gravies are just essential to any kitchen and it goes without saying that you need them.

There you have it –  kitchen utensils that are absolutely essential for you to get things whipping!