What Different Methods Can You Use To Brew Coffee Camping?

When you are camping in the wilderness, you cherish the natural environment and peaceful atmosphere. This is also a perfect place to have your morning cup of coffee with the birds chirping and nothing but the rays of the sunlight falling on you. But when you are camping, you need to be prepared. There are different ways in which you can brew your coffee while you are camping. For starters, you can buy a coffee camping percolator for making your camping unique and fun. 

Get Ready to Sip your Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is one of the best options to choose for your craving for coffee while camping. All you need to do is put your instant coffee mix in a cup and pour hot water over it and mix it. You are now ready for the first sip of your morning coffee. To make this kind of coffee, you do not need to carry too many equipment, and hence, they help you in shedding some weight on your backpack.

Get your Cowboy Hats on for Some Cowboy Coffee

This is a perfect method of brewing your coffee if you do not like to carry around weights. To brew this coffee, all you need is a kettle and coffee grounds. Once you have boiled your water, you need to cool it for some time. Once it has cooled off a bit, you add your coffee grounds and mix it well. When the coffee grounds have settled at the bottom of the kettle you can pour yourself a cup of hot coffee. 

Think of Using Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are also a very convenient and easy way of brewing your coffee. All you need to do is to put the coffee bag into a boiling cup of water. Once the coffee grounds have got mixed into the water, you can start your day. You can also use the option of making your bags with coffee filter papers. 

Start Brewing with Pour over Coffee

For brewing this type of coffee, you may need some things, and that means a little more weight. But all of this is worth the struggle. In this method, you first need to put your coffee filter paper such as pour over (V60) into a funnel. Make sure that you are keeping the funnel in a cup. Then you pour your coffee grounds into the funnel and then you start pouring boiling water and voila your coffee is ready.