Why you Need Coffee Service in your Office

There is a big difference between having a coffee machine in your office and hiring a professional coffee service. With a coffee service, you get the equipment, beverage products, and supplies you need. Some coffee service providers such as Canvend can bring more than just coffee and provide items such as teas, bottled beverages, chocolate drinks, and others. Keep reading to know the benefits of hiring office coffee service:

Increase Employee Productivity

 Coffee makes a boring, sleepy morning a bit better. Making coffee service available in your office can stimulate their brain, improving their alertness and focus. The caffeine in coffee improves the speed at which the brain functions. But, the key to increasing productivity levels relies on drinking the right amount of coffee. Experts say that 2 ½ cups of coffee are often the best amount to jump-start one’s day. 

 Show How you Value Office Culture

Whether you offer employees fresh, cold water or an assortment of caffeinated drinks like coffee, office beverage service indicates that you value the culture of your office. The service lets your employees enjoy the casual, social experience that creates relationships between coworkers inside the office. Being able to have this experience in a comfortable environment is essential to the success of regular meetings and work production.

Save Time

When your employees leave the office for a coffee break, this could mean losses for your business. Without a coffee or beverage service in your office, they are forced to go elsewhere for water, coffee, or tea to keep them going throughout the day. For you, this means losing billable hours from the time your employees leave your business premises to go to the nearest coffee shop to the time they make their way back to their desk to continue their work. Coffee service can keep them in the office and focus on what they are doing. 

Give your Employees a Variety of Beverage Options

The best thing about coffee service is that they provide the variety a coffee bar offers in the convenience of your office space. They will let you choose what they need to bring into your office every week or every month. Aside from coffee, they can also bring a unique assortment of refreshments for your employees along with some snack options. Giving your people the luxury of high-end refreshment options will encourage them to stay in the office and take advantage of the coffee breaks.