7 Ways to cook a flavor-rich salmon

Rarely you find a food that is full of taste and flavors and also healthy at the same time. Salmon is one such food that is equally loved by foodies and fitness freaks. You would find plenty of salmon recipes floating over the Internet. These include baked salmon, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, or atlantic salmon recipe, etc. Many people argue that salmon tastes best when cooked most simply with humble recipes. However, salmon is one of the most versatile food. It blends beautifully with bold spices and earthy flavors. For the best taste, just get a fresh and wildly caught salmon and you can be playful with salmon recipes to create magical dishes. Here are some ways to cook flavorful salmon


  • Cook whole side


The rule is to cook the whole side of salmon. You can keep it simple by roasting or grilling the whole side of the fish and seasoning it with salt and pepper. Serve it with lemon yogurt sauce and take a bow from your guests. Another way is to coat the fillet with a tandoori marinade and rub it with a paste of spices. It is best served with melted tomatoes and jalapenos


  • Treat salmon as beef


The meatiness of salmon lets you treat it as beef. You can serve it with red wine sauce paired with balsamic vinegar and thyme. You can also serve it with mushrooms and beef stock alongside.


  • Add to the pasta


Salmon is rarely extra and leftover. However, you have some leftover salmon dish, you can toss it with some summer breakfast dishes. Salmon combined with vegetable pasta dishes can be an excellent way to kick start your day. Adding it to your orecchiette, arugula, and artichokes are some brilliant ideas.


  • Blend it with a sandwich, taco, or hash


Salmon is highly versatile and can take any form blending with almost every kind of food. Try a creamy salmon salad to serve with hot dog bun, or put it with tacos by placing it into tortillas along with salsa and cabbage.


  • How about a burger or a cake


Now that is something you call out of the world idea. It is probably the most innovative way to use salmon. Mix it well with cooked chopped or mashed potatoes to bake a delicious salmon cake. Or you can just take salmon for a strong solo flavor. Add it to some herbs and seasoning to put it into a burger. If you are a fan of spicy asian food you can try salmon balls coated with sesame seed. 


  • Salmon in a jar


You must have tried a jarred spread of pork, now try the one made of salmon. You can take fresh or smoked salmon and cook it patiently. You will get a rich spread of molten salmon that can be put in a jar.  


  • Treat it with hot oil and glaze


Bare cook the sashimi-style pieces of salmon that are treated in oil. Just a few minutes before you are going to finish cooking it, streak or brush a mix of soy sauce with maple syrup or honey. The sweetness of this dish is loved by all.