American Cheese In Australia – What Is It?

While heating regular cheese, usually, the fat melts away from the rest of the cheese solids, leaving you with a lumpy, pool of oil and, string mess. So if you don’t want that mess on your plate, it’s time for you to start using processed cheese, of which American cheese is a particular type. It is consistent with design and also has a longer shelf life. Compare to other cheese, it’s usually cheaper and melts like a dream.

All About The American Cheese

American cheese is a processed cheese and referred to as a dairy product rather than cheese, but what makes this cheese so unnatural or different from other cheese?

They are made by pulverizing, heating, and mixing actual cheese of one or more types with an emulsifier into a homogeneous plastic mass (here the plastic refers to a substance easily shaped or molded, not the actual plastic). It contains water, salt, artificial color, and flavorings.

The secret behind the processed cheese’s smoothness is the emulsifying agents. An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that don’t mix like oil and water, no matter how hard you shake or stir them together they’ll separate back out.

As the main ingredient to make American cheese is cheese and milk, they are made up of fats and fat-soluble substances plus a solution of water-soluble proteins and minerals. The added emulsifiers keep them blended, even when they’re heated. The other optional ingredients that are added are texture and flavor enhancer, preservatives, and cheese making shortcuts specially designed to speed the manufacturing process.

As long as the finished cheese has fat, moisture, and pH levels that closely resemble those of its actual cheese ingredients. The stuff can legally be called pasteurized process cheese. And if it’s made from Colby, cheddar, washed curd, or granular cheese it can be called American cheese

So, Are All American Cheese The Same?

You may have noticed some extra words on labels, pasteurized process cheese, or spread. Those designations indicate that other ingredients have been used to make the cheese, which reduces the amount of actual cheese in the finished product. All of these American cheese is required to consist of at least 51% cheese.

So, technically speaking, they all are not the same, but generally, they are. Depending on the food manufacturer, different ingredients, or processes used to make the cheese, the taste and texture of different American cheese can vary considerably.

Typically, yellow to orange American cheese is made with cheeses (such as Cheddar or Colby cheese) that are seasoned with annatto, while white American cheese is made with cheeses (such as White Cheddar or Jack cheese) which do not contain annatto.

Where Can You Get The Best American Cheese In Australia?

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