Benefits of Using Plastic Clamshell as a Cover

The plastic clamshell is resilient, it’s low-cost, it shields the item well, and it avoids theft from the packaging.

Let us go through these advantages:

  • Clear clamshells provide the ideal display presentation for your item, providing you the alternative of making it noticeable from all angles. Consumers favor seeing the “real” thing they are purchasing over simply seeing a picture.
  • Clamshells can be formed into virtually any shape, so it can easily be made to adapt your item, lessening area needs. This reduced wasted space helps with packaging thickness when shipping the item, which equates right into the reduced price. The merchant gets high screen thickness as well.
  • Multi-purpose and self-contained: Other product packaging types may call for two or even more materials which add to set you back, for example, adhesives, clear plastic covers, additional extra padding, dividers, and so on. With one-piece clamshell, you obtain suitable product presence, product security, and in-store protection.
  • They’re resilient. Their strong, plastic building provides an advantage over folding containers which can get harmed. Consumers often turn down a dinged up box if the interior is not affected.
  • Flexibility: Clamshells can be designed to hang on a hook or base on a rack, or BOTH!
  • Fairly reduced device price considering all aspects: materials, simplicity of assembly, product security, and in-store security.
  • Avoid plan rage: Every item packaging job has its very own set of tradeoffs. You can make it easy or hard to open a clamshell depending upon your securing strategy. Is client comfort more crucial than in-store safety and security? Does the worth as well as the dimension of the item mandate a tamper-proof bundle that discourages theft? The latter is the purpose of the notoriously irritating ‘rope seal’ around clamshells. Closures can be as easy as a button breeze or involve warmth sealing, sonic welding, or adhesive systems for added safety.