Different Varieties of Beverage Coolers for Residential and Commercial Purposes


Finding the best commercial grade refrigeration unit is one of the most difficult tasks in today’s world. With so many options brewing up and each one claiming to be the best, one needs to have good knowledge about the functionality of the refrigerators. Top company refrigerators in the USA provide professional as well as domestic grade beverage and wine coolers to cater to the needs of high-end refrigeration. 

The wide ranges of products available are:

1.Beverage Coolers For Placing Under The Counter

Beverage coolers or beverage centers are smaller than the regular sized refrigerator. It consumes less energy, thus saving money. The beverage centers of the leading companies are explicitly designed and stylish. It has adjustable hinges, metal shelves, and a great glass door to display the can and bottles of wine. It allows circulation of air through the holes present in it.

2. Tall Beverage Coolers

Find out the most attractive tall beverage solution at KingsBottle USA. The spacious tall beverage Coolers are nothing but a perfect piece to store and display drinks of your choice. Its innovative design and premium quality make it stand apart from the crowd. Be it a local craft beer or the hottest energy drinks, you can store anything in the refrigerator. It is featured with a temperature control module which keeps the refreshments intact and an efficient fan blade which keeps it cool throughout.

3. Mini Bar Fridges

These are a convenient way of storing drinks meant for personal use. Having a personal ‘bar’ at home helps an individual to store his favorite wines and beers without taking up much space. This is a great bar set up for serving the guests present in your room for a short period.

4. Back Bar Coolers

Back Bar Coolers of KingsBottle USA are a highly functional product. It provides maximum storage and is a perfect solution for domestic and commercial purposes. It is uniquely featured with LED lighting and alarm system, multiple door cabinets, and so on. It is an excellent combination of price and style.

5. Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial Beverage coolers in the USA are built with high-quality LG compressors and automated defroster. The attractive display is teamed with tempered double-glazed safety glass door. The intense black color hides scratches. It has a vibration and noise controller, which makes it more acceptable than other brands.

6. Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor beverage cooler refrigerator is built with polished stainless steel at the interior and 304 commercial grade stainless steel at the exterior. Owing to its attractive look and compact design, it is the best choice for outdoor parties.

Why KingsBottle USA?

KingsBottle USA is a one-stop solution for domestic and commercial refrigeration solution. With superior built quality and spectacular designs, the full range of products at KingsBottle USA goes beyond the conventional products offered by other brands.

Bottom line? Choose KingsBottle USA, we outthink others.