Confinement Meals and Diet: Top 4 Myths About TCM Practices

Labour and delivery can lead to fatigue and weakness, and they typically hit women hard just after the baby is born. For many mothers, relying on confinement food in Singapore is ideal to stay healthy physically and mentally.

It is widely accepted that the first four to six weeks after giving birth are the most important for moms to rest and recuperate. However, there are myths surrounding TCM maternity food practices.

Here are some of what you should stop believing.

  1. You should drink tonic wine

In a confined space, drinking tonic wine can help you shake off the chill and get your blood pumping. Tonic wine is highly recommended when cooking or making soup and should be thoroughly cooked. You’ll often see this ingredient in confinement meals in Singapore. However, as alcohol can pass via breast milk and harm a baby, nursing women should not drink it directly.

  1. Drinking water is a big no

Plain water poses no health risks. However, it is recommended that nursing mothers consume warm water rather than cold water to improve circulation. If you want a healthy alternative, you may order a pregnancy meal delivery in Singapore that includes servings of tea.

  1. You can eat cold food

To re-establish the balance disrupted during childbirth, women typically adopt a diet during confinement in which warm meals are a must, and cooling ones are discouraged. When you order confinement food in Singapore, look for a supplier that provides maternity food in thermal bags that keeps it fresh and warm.

  1. Herbs will not work

Herbs and nutritional supplements, taken in therapeutic doses, have been shown to hasten postpartum recovery and increase physical and mental vitality. It’s preferable to take maternity supplements and herbs under the guidance of a trained TCM practitioner who knows the right confinement meals in Singapore.

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