Douse The Craving for Pizza with BBQ 2u’s Onni Pizza Oven

Everybody loves pizza but no one likes to order pizza from costly outlets again and again. The best solution to this conundrum is an Ooni Pizza Oven which will certainly be the best asset to your outdoor kitchen. The Ooni range of BBQ 2u makes you a world-class chef and makes the most delicious pizza that you have ever had.

Ooni pizza ovens are great value for money. They are compact and portable which gives them an edge over the conventional wood-fired pizza ovens. You can easily cook a pizza at home in as less as 20 minutes with an Ooni pizza. You can organize pizza parties at home without worrying about running out of expenses.

Their wide range of pizza ovens makes BBQ 2u the best pizza oven producer in the market. No matter whether you prefer cooking with charcoal, gas or wood and pellets, their pizza ovens would always stand out from the other conventional pizza ovens. Not only this, you can have a combination of meals in Ooni. You can cook fish, vegetables, steaks, bread, etc. in Ooni.

Kamado Joe is an ancient styled thick-walled cooker made for those who love a smoky flavour in their food. The thick walls of the traditional cooker retain heat for a long time and make it the best among all the grills. It is fuel-efficient and allows you to adopt a diverse style of cooking.

One of the best pizza ovens of the Ooni series is the Ooni Koda 12. It is a gas-powered oven having the highest temperature reach of 500 degrees in just 15 minutes. Its weight is just 9.25 Kg and it can fit anywhere in your outdoor parties. With no fuss of assembling, you can cook a pizza in just 60 seconds right after taking the Ooni Koda 12 out of the box.

It comes with a 3-year warranty on registering the pizza oven with Ooni. The best part about the Koda 12 is that it leaves no residue and no smoke. You can blindly trust Ooni Koda because it won a Vesta in 2019 for innovation in design and technology. While talking about the Koda 12, another pizza oven that deserves a mention is Ooni Koda 16

It is also a Gas-powered pizza oven, ideal for cooking extra-large pizzas, meat joints, etc. just like all the other Ooni pizza ovens, it also reaches 500 degrees and cooks stone-baked pizzas in just 60 seconds. Koda 16 is known for its unique L-shaped flame and large cordierite stone baking board.

Ooni is a revolution in the pizza oven industry. Restaurants hate it because it has made cooking delicious pizzas at home possible, making the restaurants obsolete. In 2012, ooni was the first portable pellet pizza oven and since then, its dominance in the pizza industry is unshakable. It has continued to make better and better pizza ovens with time.

BBQ 2u’s Onni range of ovens is designed specifically for outdoor parties. It has essentially taken the parties to the next level by making them independent of the food outlets. You can party on a beach, on a poolside, on the rooftop or even on a hilltop and enjoy your favourite pizza without any worry.