Get a Good Deal

You may think that meat is simply meat. It comes in all shapes and sizes but they are all just meat. However, these forms actually have named and they are of different kinds. Knowing this information would help when you are trying to get a good deal. Every cut is different from one another and it would be a great addition to your knowledge.

Everyone loves a good beef. A cow has a basic primal of 9 cuts, and all of them give out a variety of properties and flavors. Below is the list of the 9 cuts, with this information you may be able to find the best BBQ meats in Melbourne.

  1. Brisket

This is a tough part that can be found at the front, lower section. If you are unfamiliar with the way it should be cooked, it could be difficult to do so.  Cooking it as a lower temperature can be the best option.

  1. Chuck

This is found at the front, upper section. It is lean and non-fatty and can also be tough. Instead of using this part for grilling it would be better as a pot roast.

  1. Flank

This part can be found just behind the hind legs. As the name states, the flank is the origin of the flank steak.

  1. Fore Shank

This is found below the front legs, behind the brisket. Muscles are tendons are what the fore shank is primarily made of, which is not ideal for grilling. Best to braise it slowly to make it chewable.

  1. Rib

Cooking this is pretty obvious. This part is thought to be the good cuts of meat due to its balance of the muscle and that fat, thus creating the flavorings and juiciness.

  1. Round

The primary section of the round is the rear section. Because the rear does a lot fo work it is understandable that the cut is much tougher. It would be great to roast, stew, and whatever can be done for it to be cooked for a while. Hamburger meat is also taken from this part.

  1. Short Loin

The upper, middle section fo the cow is what the short loin is made up of. This is great for making steaks.

  1. Short Plate

This is made up of the underbelly, from the front legs all the way to the lower section, just before the hind legs are hit. This part is extremely rich in flavor due to its location which is on the top of the side rib bones and the many fat layers, although they also tend to be tough.

  1. Sirloin

This is also found in the upper, middle section although it is behind the short loin. The top sirloin steak, tri-tip steak, and the tri-tip roast are the three main cuts of the sirloin.

  • Top sirloin steak – beest when it is pan-fried
  • Tri-tip steak – resembles the tenderloin and porterhouse
  • Tri-tip roast – good for roasting