Seeds Which Are Good For Your Health

We all are familiar with the fact that a seedling comes out of a seed. A seed contains everything from which a plant can grow. Therefore, it has various nutrients from which a human body can get the advantage. These seeds are easy and tasty to eat and can also be added in yogurt or salad and can be made tastier by some delicious recipes. Some of the doctors treat these seeds as natural medicines as they are a source of multiple nutrients as well as keeps and heals a number of diseases away. Hence, below listed are some seeds which you must include in your meal for sure:


  • Hemp Seeds:


These are an excellent source of protein. They contain essential amino acids that your body cannot excrete but are important for your growth. The quality of the protein of hemp seeds is believed to be better than that derived from fruits and vegetables. Also, people suffering from skin dryness or any kind of skin disease take hemp seeds to heal the problem. People eat these seeds to keep their skin healthy. 


  • Pumpkin Seeds:


When it comes to pumpkin seeds, there are a lot many ideas and recipes which can make them taste delicious. You can check out our guide for pumpkin seeds to know how beneficial are they to our human body. Pumpkin seeds will boost up your bone growth and keep up your bone health as they have a high amount of magnesium in it. Studies have also proved that consuming pumpkin seeds also improves your sexual health. These seeds also have a decent amount of zinc in it which is the reason why doctors prescribe these seeds during the pregnancy. Zinc is required by pregnant women for her as well as kids’ better health. 


  • Sesame Seeds:


These seeds are good for maintaining a good mental health. People who often suffer from stress eat sesame seeds which help in improving their mental condition. Psychologists believe that sesame seeds can be consumed to ensure better mental growth of a person. Sesame seeds improve the excretion of the sex hormone estrogen. This is the reason why these seeds are also preferred a lot by the women aged around 50. Therefore, there are multiple advantages of sesame seeds and you should have them once in a day for sure. 


  • Sunflower Seeds:


They possess a good amount of protein, vitamin E and fats. Research has shown that people who are regularly consuming sunflower seeds are associated with low inflammation. This is because these seeds have fibers which reduce the level of CRP, the enzyme which is responsible for inflammation in your body. Moreover, sunflower seeds also help in regulating the uncontrolled cholesterol level of a person. That is why these seeds are prescribed to the people having cholesterol level problems. These seeds help a person to lower the risk of certain types of cancer and many other diseases.