Hiring a Food Truck for Catering a Wedding

Food truck catering for weddings is a trend that is growing rapidly especially in those states that have lots of food trucks.  And there are many reasons for this.  Best of all, you are able to save money using a food truck rather than going with a caterer that is conventional.  And, catering food trucks add a uniqueness that most standard catering just cannot. 

Great food

Rhode Island food trucks and their chefs usually specialize in foods that they are fairly passionate about and because of this, produce dishes and foods that are wonderful. And food trucks can reach those locations that regular catering kitchens cannot get to. Obviously using a food truck to cater to weddings has many advantages. 

Tips for planning event

If you are planning to hire an RI food truck catering a wedding, here are some tips that will help things go well.  These include:

  • Set up a budget
  • Know how much food will be needed
  • Select your catering food truck carefully
  • Create a custom menu
  • Decide on the best spot for the truck

Set up a budget

The first thing you will need to do is set up a budget on how much you want to spend.  The largest advantage to having a food truck cater to a wedding is that the savings are quite large.  These trucks usually charge somewhere between $10 to $20 per person while standard catering services often charge $60 to $70 per person – so you can see there are significant savings.  You can pocket this savings or use this money to create special add-ons for this wedding event.

Create a custom menu

After setting up a budget, you need to decide on a truck and this will help you with creating a custom menu.  By using a food truck to cater to your wedding, you have the opportunity to share with your wedding guests’ foods that you love the most or those that celebrate local cuisine.  And food trucks normally have food that is awesome.  The chefs specialize in various foods but will even help you with a custom menu. 

These are just a few of the tips that can help your catered wedding be a huge success.