How to Set up a Restaurant Offering Malaysian Cuisine

First things first, there are two ways of setting up a restaurant in Malaysia. You could either register a company, or look for a business for sale Malaysia 2021.

Then, especially when it comes to Malaysian cuisine which is diverse, remember to focus on a particular market. Not everyone has the same liking of tofu, and not everyone loves a roasted duck.

Different Influences of Malaysian Cuisine

There are different cultural influences, including Indian, Chinese, Indonesia, and Thai foods in Malaysian cuisine. Although some dishes and beverages may come in their original form, many dishes could be altered to suit local taste. Due to the input of European cultures, you can find relatively “modern” dishes as well. So, if you intend to offer Malaysian cuisine in your new restaurant you should be aware of which cultural groups would eat there.

Attracting Tourists to Your Restaurant

Some may claim that street food is superior to restaurant food. You will need to compete aggressively for customers if so. Your food has to be superlative and safe to eat, especially under pandemic conditions. If you want to bring in tourists, you may need to advertise online to specific nationalities. Tell everyone you know how great-tasting the food is in your Malaysian restaurant. Then encourage them to tell their friends and family about it.

Make Use of Special Offers and Discounts

One way to encourage the public to venture into your Malaysian restaurant is to have special days devoted to promotional offers. For instance, you could have bundled meals that offer many dishes per diner on weekday lunch hours. You might give away some desserts if the diner buys a particular type of dish. On Malaysian payday weekends, you might give discounts to entire families that visit your restaurant. The point is to encourage the public to choose your restaurant even if there are other restaurants in the vicinity. Everyone loves a discount or a special free treat when they opt to dine out.

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