Key Elements of Restaurant or Bar Design

The number of restaurants and bars in a single city block can be a plentiful nowadays. With cutthroat competition among the businesses, restaurants have to pull out all the stops to set them apart from the competition.

The foremost way of doing this is to come up with a creative and unique design for your restaurant to attract new customers and keep old ones.

A good restaurant designer like Dawnvale will combine all the key elements of a restaurant to design an establishment that not only has unique physical characteristics but also a special atmosphere.

 Choosing the right designer is crucial to ensure that your bar successfully attracts and keeps customers while reaching its financial goals.

To design a successful restaurant or bar, these are the key elements to take into account:


A restaurant’s theme is the core of its design and should be the first element to choose. A bar’s theme also offers the owner and designer the opportunity to be creative and do something special.

For a bar or restaurant to be successful in the long run, the theme has to be good enough to withstand the test of time. Being creative and authentic is the best way to come up with such a theme.

The theme of a restaurant or bar will combine all the other elements of the bar to create their design. The theme should also be closely linked to the products you sell at the establishment.


Everybody wants to drink and dine at a colourful establishment. The colour you implement at a bar and restaurant will be a crucial element of the establishment’s character.

The colour of a bar or restaurant can give it its ambience. The colour can either brighten up the place or dampen it. Bright colours usually lead to a light and animated atmosphere while dark colours will have a sophisticated and mysterious vibe.

The colours will depend on the theme that is why it is important to choose the theme first. The colour you add to the establishment should complement the theme you choose.


The importance of lighting to a bar or restaurant cannot be overstated. The lighting will also be closely linked to the bar or restaurant’s theme. For example, modern lights should be used to complement a modern theme while antique lights should be used alongside more ancient themes.

The lighting of the bar creates the atmosphere and it can change depending on what setting you are trying to create. Bright lights often create a lively activity friendly atmosphere while darker lighting is usually used to create a romantic atmosphere.


The final component of successful restaurant and bar design is the premises layout. The layout will determine how well you use the restaurant’s space.

The layout should allow for as much movement inside the restaurant or bar as possible. Employees should have access to the bar and kitchen while customers should have freedom to roam the establishment.

The layout will largely determine the quality and speed of service for example, it would not be prudent to put a table near the washroom.