Letizza Bakery – A Right Place for Handcraft Pizza

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If you are looking for Handcraft Pizza Store, don’t go further from Letizza Bakery. They use authentic Italian recipe for their handcrafted pizza bases so that you can accomplish the look and feel and taste of a conventional handmade pizza in your home comfort. Here, every Letizza pizza bade is handcrafted to ensure that every base has its own unique real and shape, and homemade appearance. Plus, their pizza bases retain an outstanding baking tolerance offering ideal results every time within seven to ten minutes in the oven.

Letizza Bakery is devoted to serving the very ultimate foodservice pizza bases in a wide range of sizes to fulfill different customer as well as foodservice requirements and needs. Their foodservice products are of very high-quality, handcrafted, easy to prepare, cost-effective, and convenient. The best part of their food service is that it is available in Australia widely. When it comes to their foodservice ranges, it includes pre-baked gourmet pizza bases, which are further available in a wide range of various different flavors, dough balls, gluten free pizza bases, and piadina.  

As you can see that Letizza Bakery offers the great variety you’re looking for. Their foodservice range has continued to develop and grow and providing products to foodservice as well as retail markets throughout New Zealand, South East Asia, and Australia.

If you are wondering what makes Letizza Bakery different from others, then there are so many things that set apart from others or their counterparts, which include

  • Pre-baked handcrafted pizza basses
  • 100% Australia made
  • Versatile
  • Easy and quick to prepare
  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique products, which include pizza bases too.
  • Authentic Italian recipe

Believe it or not….all varieties are so amazing here. Those who are looking for inspiration and motivation on how to use their pre-baked pizza bases, then they can check out their prepare ideas and tricks on their recipes page.

If you are unable to Letizza pizza bases in the supermarket, then don’t be panic as you can also directly contact them and they will tell you the nearest stockist where you can find and buy a wide range of their handcrafted pizza bases you can prepare at your home.

Their pizza bases unique flavor and texture comes from their conventional Italian recipe and a chosen blend of flour, parmesan, mozzarella cheese, and olive oil.

The good news is that their pizza bases are quite low in fat, and thus, make it quite a healthy alternative for lunch, dinner, snack, meal-breakfast, and dessert too.

Here, the main purpose is to make your life easier no matter whether you are a home chef or professional chef and one thing is sure that Letizza products are a convenient and amazing addition to your menu. If you want more information about gourmet quality pizza or their other products, then all you need to do is to contact them.