Pork Sausages: Can you ever have enough of them?

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Pork Sausage is made from the minced meat of pork, by adding salt, breadcrumbs and spices. It is made from intestine. It can be barbecued, broiled and pan-fried. It is preserved by curing, smoking, drying and freezing.

History – Pork Sausages were manufactured before two thousand years and still known to the industry. Industry uses new technologies to process the sausage. Pork Sausages [กุนเชียงหมู, which is the term in Thai] became a vital diet for twenty years.

Types of Pork Sausages

Cooked Pork Sausages – This pork sausage is cooked with the use of fresh meat which is fully cooked. It is not consumed immediately. It should be refrigerated and reheated for consumption.

Cooked smoked Pork Sausages – Cooked smoked sausage is similar to cooked sausage but usually cooked, smoked and smoke cooked. It can be consumed cold or hot and also stored in refrigerator.

Fresh Pork Sausages – The Fresh sausage is prepared from meats but not cured previously. It is refrigerated and cooked before consumption.

 Fresh Smoked Pork Sausages – The fresh sausage that has been smoked. It is then refrigerated and cooked before consumption.

 Dry Pork sausages – It is very complicated because the process of drying should be carefully handled. It is readily consumed and refrigerated for a long period of time.

Nutritional value – A single fresh cooked pork sausage provides 53.33% of Vitamin D, 35.83% of Vitamin B12, 34.37% of total lipid fat, 23.33% of sodium, 22.81% of histidine, 22.25% of isoleucine, 20.66% of lysine, 20.12% of valine, 19.66% of threonine, 17.37% of leucine, 17.09% of zinc, 15.66% of protein, 11.59% of tryptophan and 10.38% of Vitamin B6.

 Health Benefits of Pork Sausages –  

Maintain cells – Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper functions such as repair, formation and maintenance of red blood cells.

 Prevents fatigue – Pork sausages provide relief from the weakness and fatigue. It increases the stamina of the body to treat work pressure.

 Skin health – The Proteins helps in strengthening the tissues which mostly go through the tear and wear of skin.

Enhance immunity – Pyridoxine enhances the body from various infections that could victimize the body in the absence of it.

Kidney ailments – Pork sausages control the fat level that helps to prevent from various cardiac ailments. It also prevents the formation of kidney stones and maintains the shape and health of kidneys.

Assist digestion – Niacin helps to aid the functions of digestive system, promotes appetite, glowing skin and function of nerves.

Treat diabetes – Vitamin B3 helps to cure the diabetes and level of high level of blood sugar. Vitamin B3 is helpful for the diabetic people to deal with HBA1C level.

Brain health – Proper amount of phosphorus helps to promote the brain function as well as its development and cognitive growth. It prevents the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Eat – Pork Sausages are mostly pan fried, broiled and barbecued.

Precautions – As it is high in fat, the excessive consumption of pork sausage would lead to the heart problems, rise in LDL cholesterol, blockage of arteries, cancer, blood pressure, hypertension, pancreatic cancer etc.  

Deliciously cooked pork sausages can make your whole day tasty.