Saffron is one spice that’s been widespread globally, and Saffron is used for culinary purposes. Moreover, it has been used in diverse industries due to the health benefits incorporated in the spice. The saffron price is also high, and it is a lavish spice in the world. One pound of Saffron can cost you nearly one thousand five hundred dollars in the market. You might immediately think about starting a small Saffron business to become a billionaire. However, it is not as easy as we believe.

Why should you Splurge on Saffron?

The process of Saffron production is way too complicated and requires countless workforces to pick, dry, and packet the spice. These processes do not have automation, and physical labor is a must. Saffron is found in the stigma of the Saffron Crocus flower of Crocus Sativus plant. The stigmas will identify the tiny elements in the center of the flower, and they are linked to tiny stalks in the flower.

One Crocus Sativus plant has only three stigmas of size 3cm. In a nutshell, one pound of saffron production requires nearly seventy thousand Crocus Sativus flowers, and more than 200,000 threads are plucked individually. The production process is time-consuming, and several factors increase the Saffron price.

Knowing the price of Saffron in detail 

It is not just about the production process, but the saffron grade and quality also matter when it comes to the cost. There are different types of Saffron grades, and you have to be very careful while buying them.

Moreover, the cost changes when you buy in the local markets and the vendors can be second-hand buyers, so it is better to procure proper research before you buy the spice. You should certainly know about the brand that you are going to purchase, and it should be reliable. The cost heaves due to countless mediators in the industry.

Here is how you can acquire the best price for Saffron

If you are trying to p buy high-quality Saffron, you need to purchase the spice from a trusted retailer. There are so many scams and frauds that are happening in the industry. As everyone knows about the red Saffron‘s popularity, the unadulterated products are heaving every day. Many companies sell low quality and fake Saffron for their benefits and high return on investments. You can quickly identify the color as they use yellow and orange threads in the production process.


Saffron is very expensive, and you cannot splurge money on a fake product. Moreover, a few companies add artificial coloring, which is way too harmful to humans. You need to estimate the quality of red Saffron by understanding the saffron varieties available and purchase the Saffron from a reliable vendor. By doing proper research, you can use the hard-earned money to buy products you can rely on. Enjoy the benefits of including pure Saffron in your diet.