Excellent Snacks in Beef Jerky and the Biltong

Jerky is native to South America. It is made from cured slices of lean meat. Manufacturers add salt before drying to prevent bacterial growth. The addition of spices also improves the taste of the final product. Today, various production methods are used to enhance the taste of meat. These methods include marinating the meat in spices or liquids and smoking.

Several manufacturers of beef jerky in Australia produce the best tasting jerky in the world.

It’s a shame that people forget the great taste and nutritional value of jerky. For Australian residents who have yet to try this snack, a treat awaits. Most people associate jerky with the American concept of the Wild West. This is evident in the way some brands market their products to a cowboy or horse. Some say that the aroma is an acquired taste. Its options and availability in the market suggest otherwise.

Like other food options, this product comes in both low and high quality.  Cutting the meat is the main sign of the value of the product. Premium jerky is made from premium quality whole muscle meat. Manufacturers say that it takes three kilograms of lean meat to cook one pound of the finished product. Cheap varieties do not meet this standard, hence the lower price.

Cured meats are a great source of lean protein to keep your body strong if you eat just a few bites, your body will feel full. Therefore, this product is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle. The jerky and biltong is a great snack to take on your hikes or the beach. Because it is rich in protein, it is an excellent supplement for gym-goers looking to build muscle.

Biltong from Australia is another jerky that is starting to make a splash with many consumers. This is an uneven process that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are used to make biltong. These include beef, ostrich, and various types of game. While both are spasmodic, there are two clear differences between the two. Jerky is usually cut into skinny slices, while biltong is the opposite. The slices are generally an inch wide and can be much thicker, depending on the manufacturer. Another option is making use of vinegar instead of salt in the biltong’s drying process.

The taste of this product also depends a lot on the meat used. Poor quality meat results in a chewy or stale finished product. High-quality foods are more comfortable to chew and come in a variety of flavors.

At the end

Those who want to buy dried meat or biltong in Australia can do so online. Most distributors have websites that show the different varieties and flavors of the two products. When buying jerky in Australia, choose companies that only offer high-quality products to get your money back. Also, buy from distributors who deliver their products across the country.